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Congresso 2016

Saturday 9th April, 2016


Chairs Lorenzo Boldrini (Milan, Italy) - Alessandro Marconato (London, United Kingdom)

PC01 Return to play training after a fifth metatarsal stress fracture in a professional football player: a case report

Cavaggioni L, Ongaro L, Alberti G (Milan, Italy)

PC02  Return-to-play criteria after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: actual medicine practice in professional soccer teams

Delvaux F, Rochcongar P, Bruyère O, Bourlet G, Daniel C, Diverse P, Reginster JY, Croisier JL (Liege and Verviers Belgium; Rennes, France)

PC03 Bridging the gap: an exercise intervention to return to play after hip arthroplasty

Pozzi F, Zaffagnini S, Snyder-Mackler L (Los Angeles and Newark, USA; Bologna, Italy)

PC04 Return to play after minimal muscular injury in La Liga footbal club

Jablonski J, Turmo-Garuz A, Garcia-Diaz M, Gasol X, Lupon G, Til L (Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain; Lodz, Poland)

PC05 Injury rates and return to play times in under 16-18 academy footballers

Davies GP (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

PC06 The functional movement screen and prediction of time to return to play

Nagao M, Okazaki T, Miyamori T, Yoshimura M (Tokyo, Japan)

PC07 Comparison of time to return to play between elite Spanish football and futsal

Vivo-Fernández I, Lopez-Segovia M, Salinas-Palacios V, Herrero-Carrasco R, Pareja-Blanco F (Murcia and Seville, Spain)

PC08 Is single leg hop test at the end of the assisted rehabilitation predictive of full RTP in football players after ACL reconstruction?

Danelon F, Pisoni D, Caminati D, Gamberini J, Della Villa F (Milan and Bologna, Italy)

PC09 Physiotherapy in revision reconstruction of ACL of football players

Kępczyński A,  Krzyżak Ł, Luboiński Ł (Warsaw, Poland)

PC10 Return to play after functional movement analysis in soccer players with long-standing muscle-related pain

Dewitz H, Yildirim B, Klein P (Germany)



Chairs Stefano Respizzi (Milan, Italy) - Francesca Vannini (Bologna, Italy)

PE01 Evaluation of the development of jones fractures in terms of the dynamic factors

Murakami K, Nishio H, Kobayashi Y, Saita Y, Akiyoshi N (Miyagi, Tokyo and Chiba, Japan)

PE02 Surgical treatment after rupture of rectus femoris direct head tendon in a professional soccer player

Papadimas D, Theos Ch (Athens, Greece)

PE03 Treatment of chronic lateral ankle instability using the Broström-Gould technique in athletes: long-term results

Russo A, Giacchè P, Marcantoni E, Arrighi A, Molfetta L (Firenze, Genova, and La Spezia, Italy)

PE04 Clinical outcomes of meniscal repairs for isolated meniscal tears in soccer players

Matsushita T, Tanaka T, Nagai K, Araki D, Kuroda R, Kurosaka M (Kobe, Japan)

PE05 Insertional Achilles tendinosis: surgical treatment with calcaneoplasty, reattachment of the Achilles tendon with Speedbridge Arthrex technique

Risi M, Miceli M, Carboni L, Molinari M, Zunarelli P (Bologna, Italy)

PE06 Muscle injuries: antifibrotic therapy, effective healing, faster return to play?

Kelc R, Vogrin M (Maribor, Slovenia)

PE07 Revision of anterior cruciate ligament with ligament advanced reinforcement system

Picchetti F, Giannini E, Michelotti M (Pisa and Firenze, Italy)

PE08 Lateral compartment osteoarthritis in a soccer player with varus knee: a case report

Cohen M, Debieux P, Gomes T (São Paulo, Brazil)

PE09 Serious shoulder injury in a high level soccer player. Return to participation after surgery

Theos Ch, Kostas N, Koinis A (Athens, Greece)



Chairs Giammaria d’Orsi (Rome, Italy) - Marco Freschi (Milan, Italy)

PG01 Sleep disorders in Urugayan football players: pilot study

Pedemonte M, Barbosa E, Hurtado N (Maldonado and Montevideo, Uruguay)

PG02 Heterogeneity of risk assessment in sport medicine clinical practice: a pilot study

Weir A, Serner A, Wengensteen A, Steele RJ, Shirer I (Doha, Qatar; Montreal Canada)

PG03 Return to play after hamstring injuries: a qualitative systematic review of definitions and criteria

van der Horst N, van de Hoefer PA, Huisstede BMA, Reurnik G, Backx FJG (Utrecht and Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

PG04 A meta-analytic review of the effects of soccer heading

Soni A, Musahl V, Braithwaite R, Chrisman SPD, McAllister Deitrick J, Lesniak B, Collins MW, Kontos AP (Pittsburgh, USA)

PG05 Epidemiological study on injuries and return to play in Italian young football players

Pisoni D, Danelon F, Gallo M, Barbieri L, Chianca A, Marinoni D, Scalise G (Milan, Italy)

PG06 Injuries in collegiate female football players in Japan

Oda K, Ogaki R, Murakami K, Yamaguchi T, Kurosawa T, Miyakawa S (Sendai and Tsukuba, Japan)

PG07 Prevalence of sports injuries in elite young Brazilian footballers

Herdy C, Simão R, Teixeira R, Ramos S, Vasconcellos F, Alkimin R, Pedrinelli A (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brasil)

PG08 Association between dietary habits, muscle damage and performance indices in youth soccer

Kotsis Y, Lambrou K, Sideris Y, Malagaris Y, Nomikos T (Athens, Greece; Galveston, USA)


Sunday, 10th  April, 2016


Chairs Emanuele Brotto (Verona, Italy) - Giulio Sergio Roi (Bologna, Italy)

PB01 Reference centile curves for screening body mass index and body postural stability in football players aged 8-18 years

Alberti G, Rossi A, Roi GS (Milan and Bologna, Italy)

PB02 Hip mobility and strength ratios of young football players

Gibbs S, Ólafsson S (Dundee, United Kingdom; Akureyri, Iceland)

PB03 Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds in rehabilitation: considerations by five hundred incremental running test

Baroli M, Castagnetti A (Verona, Italy)

PB04 Dermatoglyphics: a tool to observe the neuromotor potential of feet laterality

Souza R, Sosa MOV, Pratto AL, Buhringer W, Cardoso A, Frank B, Alberti A, de Jesus JA, Sartori G, Fin G, Nodari Júnior RJ (Joaçaba, Brazil)

PB05 Isokinetic thigh muscles evaluations of female high level soccer players

Grazzini G, Zuppardo S, Pellegrini F, Rosini V, Martelli G (Florence, Grosseto and  Brescia, Italy)

PB06 Reactive agility profile and change of direction speed by playing position in u-16 elite soccer players

Trecroci A, Della Bella S, Alberti G (Milano, Italy)



Chairs Daniel Broman (London, United Kingdom) - Pierpaolo Zunarelli (Bologna, Italy)

PF01 Elite futsal athletes: dermatoglyphic profil

Nodari Júnior RJ, Panizzi Junior C, de Jesus JA Alberti, A, Souza R, Sartori G, Fin G (Joaçaba, Brazil)

PF02 Return to play of an immature tennis player after extensor carpi radialis brevis rupture

Kekelekis A, Drakonaki E (Crete, Greece)

PF03 Conservative treatment after acute axillary nerve injury in a professional rugby player

Vittadini F, Gasparre G, Frizziero A (Padua, Italy)

PF04 Physiological response to whole body cryotherapy in professional rugby players

Banfi G, Lombardi G, Zani V, Bonomi FG, Sanguin G (Milan, Orzinuovi, Bergamo, and Rome, Italy)

PF05 Effect of a return to play circuit on Biceps Femoris activation in elite hockey players

Andrews CJ, Neill MC, Tejani SR, Manolas  L, Graus KSC, Appleby B, Rosalie SM, Netto KJ (Perth, Australia; Florence, Italy)



Chairs Luca Tomaello (Turin, Italy) - Nikos Tsouroudis (Athens, Greece)

PH01 Neuromuscular performance of lower limbs six months after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Roth R, Donath L, Mauch M, Weisskopf L, Faude O (Basel, Switzerland)

PH02 Focal muscle vibration reverses quadriceps hypotrophy improving muscle fibres recruitment

Benedetti MG, Zati A, Cavazzuti L, Rainoldi A, Casale R (Bologna, Turin and Bergamo, Italy)

PH03 The effect of two different training approaches on physical performance in young soccer players

Perri E, Iaia F, Alberti G (Milan, Italy)

PH04 Three stretching training methods to increase hamstrings flexibility in professional soccer players

D’Onofrio R, Tamburrino P, Manzi V, Bovenzi A, Mazzoni S, Tavana R, Tamburrino G (Milan, Italy)

PH05 Effects of three different training programmes on instep kick in pre-adoloscent football players

Rossi A, Formenti D, Alberti G (Milan, Italy)



Chairs: d'Orsi G (ITA) - Susta G (IRL)

PL01 Hamstring injury management and sprint mechanics in professional football 
        Setuain I, Lecumberri P, Izquierdo M (Pamplona, Spain)

PL02 Patellar tendon rupture after platelet rich plasma and steroid therapy for chronic tendinopathy 
        Nishio H, Kobayashi Y, Saita Y (Tokyo, Japan)

PL03 Partial avulsion of Adductor Longus fibrocartilage. not as innocent as it looks… 
        Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E (London and Leeds, United Kingdom)

PL04 Return to play after hamstrings muscle injury: a safe, fast and effective case study of a professional football player 
        Loureiro N, Pereira R, Espregueira-Mendes J (Porto and Minho, Portugal)

PL05 Traumatic miositis ossificans in a professional football player – when to return? 
        Ribeiro BV, Teixeira JFC, Noronha JC (Vila do Conde and Porto, Portugal)

PL06 Post-acute muscle injuries rehabilitation with radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy 
        Di Cosmo R (Genova, Italy)

PL07 Shockwave treatment for hamstring injury in a youth level soccer player 
        Vincent KC, d’Agostino MC, Schaden W (Auckland New Zealand; Milan, Italy; Vienna, Austria)

PL08 Return to play after hamstrings muscle injury 
        Furini F, Pagella F, Sandrelli L (Arquata Scrivia, Italy)

PL09 Differential diagnosis and conservative rehabilitation approach in hip impingement concerning footballers 
        Stergiou M, Stergiou E, Giannis C (Kozani, Greece)

PL10 Using level of specificity to monitor reconditioning load for a knee injury 
        Pajon D, Alvarez J, Colell D (Reus, Spain)

PL11 Pubic stress fracture and osteitis pubis in a 24 year old footballer 
        Chatterjee AD, Wilson J, Knight RR (Nottingham, United Kingdom)



Chairs:  Filardo G (ITA) - Panics G (HUN)

PM01 Injury or disease flare with known seronegative arthritis 
         Janse van Rensburg DC, McCord J, Martin C (Pretoria, South Africa)

PM02 Return of a low adherence to treatment goalkeeper with osteochondritis inBrazil 
        Dorilêo CGLF, Mayara Suzano dos Santos, Pedrinelli A, Youssef M (São Paulo, Brazil)

PM03 A case of chondrosarcoma of rib in a professional football player 
        Fukui T, Fujita I, Harada T (Kakogawa and Akashi, Japan)

PM04 Lisfranc injury repair with the tightrope and theCharlottetargeting device 
        Drampalos E, Clough TM (Wigan, United Kingdom)

PM05 A 22 year’s old national team football player with increasing atraumatic ankle pain 
         Shimakawa T, D’Hooghe P (Doha, Qatar)

PM06 Extraordinary cause of hip joint pain in a professional football player 
         Tzoanos G, Tsavalas N, Manidakis N, Chardaloumbas D, Kalliakmanis A (Heraklion, Crete; Athens, Greece)

PM07 Rehabilitation and return to play of a professional footballer following conservative management of lumbar spine disc herniation 
         Toolan AM (New York, USA)

PM09 Return to play of a professional female football player after eighty rehabilitation days

        Angius M, Volpi P, Pinna M (Sassari and Milan, Italy)

PM10 Monitoring of an anterior cruciate ligament injury through infrared thermography 
         Fernández-Cuevas I, Arnáiz-Lastras J, Sillero-Quintana M (Madrid, Spain)

PM11 A case of shortening the preoperative period before anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 
         Kinugasa T, Ikeda K (Tsukuba-shi, Japan)

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