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Congresso 2016

Saturday 9th April, 2016



Chairs Vincenzo Madonna (Verona, Italy) - Gérgely Panics (Budapest, Hungary)

11:30  Anterolateral ligament, fact or fiction?

Musahl V, Soni A, Rahnemai-Azar A, vanEck C, Guenther D, Shaikh H, Albers M, Fu FH (Pittsburgh, USA)

11:40  Moving research findings into action: the science of tendon/ligament repair in sports medicine

Zheng MH (Perth, Australia)

11:50  Can growth factors concentration modify timing of healing process after muscle injuries?

Cianforlini M, Gigante AP (Ancona, Italy)

12:00  Stem cell therapy for sport injuries and arthritis

Michalek J (Brno, Czech Republic)

12:10  Platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries

Chow G, Owusu D, Malik Q, Khan S (Essex, United Kingdom)

12:20  Eccentric exercise and platelet-rich plasma injection for hamstring injury

Saita Y, Kobayashi Y, Ikeda H (Tokyo, Japan)

12:30  Platelet rich plasma enhances neovascularisation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Vogrin M, Kelc R (Maribor, Slovenia)

12:40  Autologous tenocyte injection for chronic refractory tendinopathy: from cell biology to clinical trials

Rao K A, Zheng MH, Wang A, Bucher T, Wang T, Ebert J, Breidahl W (Perth, Australia)

12:50  Discussion

13:10  End of the session



Chairs Diana Bianchedi (Rome, Italy) - Dimitrios Tsoukas (Athens, Greece)

14:30  Rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction in football players: an individualistic approach towards progressive results

Hoogendyk DJH (Los Angeles, USA)

14:40  The speedcourt system in rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Fieseler G, Proeger S, Brehme K, Pyschik M, Schulze S, Delank KS, Schwesig R, Bartels T (Wuppertal and Halle, Germany)

14:50  Return to sports training benefits self-reported knee function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Arundale A, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark, USA)

15:00  Return-to-competition after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a multifaceted approach

Bloch H, Riepenhof H, Krutsch W (Hamburg and Regensburg, Germany; Rome, Italy)

15:10  Patella luxation in an adolescent soccer player

Herfert J, Bernecker R, Landkammer Y, Klampfer H, Wicker A (Salzburg, Austria)

15:20  A rehabilitation protocol for conservatively and surgically managed ankle syndesmosis injuries

Urwin J, Broman D, Calder J, Rosenfeld P, Rolls A (London, United Kingdom)

15:30  Discussion

16:00  End of the session



Chairs Matthew Buckthorpe (London, United Kingdom) - Davide Susta (Dublin, Ireland)

16:30  Comparison of different ankle isokinetic strengthening program on strength of sedentary male

Kalaycioglu T, Yurt Y, Bayrakci Tunay V (Ankara, Mersin, Turkey)

16:40  Substantial inter-season variability in isokinetic strength in professional football

van Dyk N, Bahr R, Whiteley R, Eirale C, Tol JL, Kumar BD, Hamilton B, Farooq A, Witvrouw E (Doha Qatar;  Oslo Norway; London, United Kingdom; Ghent, Belgium; Auckland, New Zealand; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

16:50  Effect of high intensity interval cycling training on soccer-specific fitness

Chan HCK, Ho WKY, Yung PSH, Chan KM (Hong Kong, China)

17:00  Gauntlet test performance and injury risk in collegiate female soccer players

Ness BM, Zimney K, Schweinle WE (Vermillion, USA)

17:10  The biomechanics and EMG of the support leg during three types of football kicking

Ólafsson S, Gibbs S (Akureyri, Iceland; Dundee, United Kingdom)

17:20  Use of wearable electromyography in rehabilitation processes from muscle injuries

Gasol-Santa X, Turmo-Garuz A, Díaz-Cueli D, Ruzza M, Hoffren-Mikkola M (Barcelona and Sant Cugat, Spain; Kuortane, Finland)

17:30  Inter-season variability of a functional movement test in professional football

Bakken A, Targett S, Bere T, Eirale C, Farooq A, Tol JL, Whiteley R, Witvrouw E, Khan K, Bahr R (Doha, Qatar; Oslo, Norway; Vancouver, Canada)

17:40  Discussion

18:00  End of the session



Sunday 10th April, 2016


Chairs Peter Angele (Regensburg, Germany) - Jordi Ardèvol Cuesta (Barcelona, Spain)

9:30  National ACL registry in football: the direct way for injury prevention and safe return to play

Angele P, Krutsch W (Regensburg, Germany)

9:40  Dynamic functional ratio for scheduling return to play after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Monnot D, Vigne G, Sonnery-Cottet B, Thaunat M, Fayard JM, Rogowski I (Lyon and Villeurbanne, France)

9:50  The additional lateral tenodesis of the knee: early results in soccer players

Karachalios GG, Tamviskos A, Krinas G, Pavlides E,  Milionis G (Pireus, Greece)

10:00  Is sport activity possible after arthroscopic meniscal allograft transplant?

Marcheggiani Muccioli GM, Grassi A, Roberti di Sarsina T, Raggi F, Nitri M, Tsapralis K, Nanni G, Della Villa S, Marcacci M, Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy)

10:10  Chronic pubalgia in footballers treated with a pyramidalis muscle release

Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London and Oxford, United Kingdom)

10:20  Prevalence of Cam morphology is higher in academy football players compared with a control population

Palmer AJR, Gimpel M, Fernquest S, Wotherspoon M, Birchall R, Newton J, McNally E, Arden N, Javaid K, Carr AJ, Glyn-Jones S (Oxford and Southampton, United Kingdom)

10:30  Acutrak screw fixation for fifth metatarsal stress fracture in Japanese footballers

Katori Y, Matsunaga R, Sando T, Yamamoto K (Tokyo, Japan)

10:40  Return to play football following surgical treatment for acute avulsion of adductor longus enthesis

Schilders E, Dimitrakopoulou A, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London, Leeds and Oxford, United Kingdom)

10:50  Discussion

11:10  End of the session



Chairs André Pedrinelli (São Paulo, Brasil) - Matthew Stride (London, United Kingdom)

11:22  Managing fatigue and early infection in football: a novel approach

Knight J, Stride M, Webster S, Purdue J (Plymouth and London, United Kingdom)

11:30  What does return to pre-injury risk mean?

Shrier I, Zhao M, Piche A, Slavchev P, Steele RJ (Montreal, Canada)

11:38  Shock absorbing studs in prevention of football injuries. A preliminary report

Ferretti A, Mapelli C, Gruttadauria A, Barella S, Ciuffini AF, Mombelli D, Calderaro C, Mazza D (Rome and Milan, Italy)

11:46  Head injuries in children´s football

Feddermann-Demont N, Rössler R, Beaudouin F, aus der Fünten K, Chomiak J, Verhagen E, Junge A, Dvorak J, Faude O (Zurich and Basel Switzerland; Saarbrücken and Hamburg, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

11:54  Return to play after severe football injuries in children aged 7 to 12 years

Rössler R, Junge A, Chomiak J, Dvorak J, aus der Fünten K, Verhagen E, Faude O (Basel and Zurich Switzerland; Hamburg and Saarbrücken, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

12:02  Longterm health problems in former elite female football players: prevalence and risk factors

Prien, A, Prinz, B, Dvorak, J, Junge, A (Hamburg, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland)

12:10  Inverse relationship between playing level and re-injury rates in men’s football

Hägglund M, Waldén M, Ekstrand J (Linköping, Sweden)

12:18  Why female footballer players quit football. Polish survey results

Grygorowicz M, Piontek T, Dudzinski W (Poznan and Pila, Poland)

12:26  Prevention and return to play of injuries in elite football: the team coaches` view

Krutsch W, Zantop T, Angele P (Regensburg, Germany)

12:34  Preventing injuries in male juvenile malaysian soccer players

Farhan AF, Stephany MJ, Mohammed SK (Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

12:42  Injury prevention in children’s football “FIFA 11+ kids”: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Faude O, Rössler R, Bizzini M, Dvorak J, Chomiak J, aus der Fünten K, Verhagen E, Lichtenstein E, Junge A (Basel and Zürich, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; Saarbrücken and Hamburg, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

12:50  Discussion

13:15  End of the session



Chairs Gianni Nanni (Bologna, Italy) - Ralph Rogers (London, United Kingdom)

14:30  Targeting the low back improves return to play in athletes with functional hamstring disorders

Kakavas G, Colloca CJ, Hegazy Afifi M, Malliaropoulos N (Athens, Greece; Chandler and Moscow, USA)

14:40  Groin problems are common at all levels of play in Norwegian male football

Harøy J, Clarsen B, Thorborg K, Hölmich P, Bahr R, Andersen TE (Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark)

14:50  Acute groin injuries in athletes; reliability of MRI assessment

Roemer F, Serner A, Hölmich P, Thorborg K, Niu J, Weir A, Tol JL, Guermazi A (Doha, Qatar; Erlangen, Germany; Boston, USA; Amager-Hvidovre, Denmark)

15:00  Clinical predictability of MRI findings in athletes with acute groin pain

Serner A, Weir A, Tol JL, Thorborg K, Roemer F, Guermazi A, Hölmich P (Doha, Qatar; Amager-Hvidovre, Denmark; Erlangen, Germany; Boston, USA)

15:10  Which is the optimal day for magnetic resonance imaging after acute hamstring injuries?

Wangensteen A, Bahr R, Almusa E, van Linschoten R, Whiteley R, Witvrouw E,  Tol JL (Doha, Qatar; Oslo, Norway; Ghent, Belgium; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

15:20  Running exposure and hamstring injury risk in elite Australian footballers

Ruddy J, Timmins R, Pollard C, Opar D (Melbourne, Australia)

15:30  Hamstring strength in soccer players with and without previous hamstring injuries

Lee JWY, Tso KW, Yung PSH, Chan KM (Hong Kong, China)

15:40  Effectiveness of Nordic hamstring to improve injury risk factor on futsal players

Boroh Z, Sudarsono NC, Ilyas EI (Jakarta, Indonesia)

15:50  Above and beyond Bicep Femoris

Blandford L, Pedersen C, Mottram S (Bristol, United Kingdom; Helsingborg, Sweden)

16:00  New eccentric exercise mode for rehabilitation after muscle injury

Landkammer Y, Sassmann R, Herfert J, Wicker A (Salzburg, Austria)

16:10  A biochemical analysis of muscle injuries in football during rehabilitation

Tymvios C (Nicosia, Cyprus)

16:20  Discussion

16:30  End of the session



Chairs Furio Danelon (Milan, Italy) - Kyriakos Tsapralis (Bologna, Italy)

16:40  Maximum oxygen uptake in ACL-injured professional soccer players: preliminary results

de Almeida AM, Santos-Silva PR, Pedrinelli A, Hernandez AJ (São Paulo, Brazil)

16:50  Quality of movement assessment in footballers six months following ACL reconstruction

Toolan A, de Mille P, Nguyen J, Selvaggio E, Do H, Chiaia T, Brown A (New York; and New Brunswick, USA)

17:00  Which and why neuromuscular significant deficits remain despite the return to sports?

Andrade R, Pereira M, Leite P, Vidal R, Pereira R, Espregueira-Mendes J (Porto and Gaia, Portugal)

17:10  Real-time dynamic assessment for return to sport in ACL injury

Aginsky, KD, Cale-Benzoor M (Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Netanya, Israel; Witwatersrand, South Africa)

17:20  Patellar tendon healing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in football players

Tzoanos G, Tsavalas N, Manidakis N, Chardaloumbas D, Kalliakmanis A (Heraklion, Crete; Athens, Greece)

17:30  Discussion

18:00  End of the session




SUNDAY 10th APRIL 2016


Chairs: Brukner P (AUS), Delcogliano A (ITA), Knowles B (USA), Peterson L (SWE)

9:30  Performance optimised return to play following concussion in tournament football

        Williams M, Iga J, Spencer SM (Burton-Upon-Trent, United Kingdom)

9:42  Non-operative management and return to play soccer after second ACL injury

        Arundale A, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark, USA)

9:54  Rehabilitation after femoroacetabular impingement arthroscopy. When all is not enough

        Vivo-Fernández I, Sanchez-Heredia MA, Jimeno-Serrano FJ (Murcia, Spain)

10:06  A case of 12th rib costochondral fracture in an elite youth soccer goalkeeper

        Robertson D, Materne O (Doha, Qatar)

10:18  Return to pre- injury level football following multi-ligament reconstruction

        Cady K (Cheltenham, United Kingdom)

10:30  Iliac crest avulsion fracture in immature elite soccer player: a stochastic return to play

        Materne O, Robertson D (Doha, Qatar)

10:42  Post-concussion syndrome and psychosocial issues in a professional academy footballer

        Robinson TM, Forsdyke D (York, United Kingdom)

10:54  End of the session




Chairs: Brukner P (AUS), Delcogliano A (ITA), Knowles B (USA), Peterson L (SWE)

11:30  A team approach to anterior talo-fibular ligament rupture in an elite academy football player

         Harris A, Rajeswaran G, Ahmad I (Enfield and London, United Kingdom)

11:42  Return to play following hamstring tendinopathy and peripheral neuropathic pain

         Battersby DB, Purdam C, Buchan C (Gold Coast, Australia)

11:54  Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: impact of therapy on health and performance

         Jackson A, Hopker J, Dickinson J (Chatham, United Kingdom) 

12:06  The sky over New York: the backstage of Franco Baresi 1994 memorable World Cup final

         Ferretti F, Ferretti A (Rome, Italy) 

12:18  Functional strength recovery in a professional female football player

         Azzini M, Baroli M, Ventresca I (Verona, Italy)

12:30  Rectus Femoris avulsion treated conservatively in a professional soccer player

         Requena B, Aramberri M, Olmo J (Madrid, Spain)

12:42  Successful return to play after conservative treatment of an Adductor Longus avulsion

         Serner A, Chaabane M, Weir A (Doha, Qatar)

12:54  End of the session

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