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Congresso 2014

Knee orthopaedics in football 

Chairs: Madonna, Vincenzo (ITA) -  Panics, Gergely (HUN)

Can ACL tear in soccer be predicted by a preseason knee laxity measurement? - Herman S, Cascua S, Bohu Y, Klouche S, Lefevre N (Paris and Puteaux, France)

ACL injuries in young football players - Tsoukas D, Charopoulos I, Vissarakis G (Athens,Greece)

Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee of football players repaired with bio absorbable implants - Kalliakmanis A, Nikolaou P, Zourntos S, Bousgas D, Danassi D (Athens,Greece)

Ultrasonographic evaluation of harvested patellar tendon in football players - Tzoanos G, Tsavalas N, Manidakis N, Chardaloumbas D, Kalliakmanis A (Crete and Athens, Greece)

Arthroscopic meniscal allograft transplantation in male professional soccer players - Marcacci M, Zaffagnini S, Marcheggiani Muccioli GM, Grassi A, Benzi A, Ricci M, Tsapralis K , Nanni G, Della Villa S (Bologna, Italy)

Dry arthroscopy for matrix-aided cartilage repair of patellofemoral lesions in soccer players - Sadlik B, Blasiak A, Warchal B, Kotajny P, Wiewiorski M (Bielsko-Biala,PolandandBasel,Switzerland)


Biomechanics and functional assessment

Chairs: Minetti, Alberto (ITA) – Rampinini, Ermanno (ITA)

Changes in neuromuscular function after football fatigue in female youth

Players - De Ste Croix M, Priestley A, Lloyd R, Oliver J (Gloucestershire and Cardiff, United Kingdom)

The effect of foot position on ankle biomechanics in cutting Welch NB, Marshall BM, Franklyn-Miller AD, Moran KA, Boland M, Broe R, Black C, Falvey EC (Dublin, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia)

Knee injury risk and muscle time domain parameters in soccer - Manara M, Harley S, Rozman S, Urbanc J, Đorđevic S (Parma,ItalyandLjubljana,Slovenia)

Isokinetic assessment of professional football players by age-groups - Grazzini G, Russo L, Martelli G

(Montecatini Terme andPoggibonsi,Italy)

Evaluation of joint kinematics in soccer players by wearable technology - Garofalo P, Marini M, Barbieri L, Mantovani M (Carpi, Italy)

Short-term effects of biceps femoris activation exercises on knee stability of female soccer players - Harley S, Rozman S, Urbanc J, Gerbec Čuček M, Đorđevic S (Ljubljana,Slovenia)

Movement restrictions are associated with poor movement control in footballers - Mottram S, Barr A, Comerford M (Chichester,United KingdomandNew York,USA)

Evaluation of the effect of three different playing surfaces on knee loads - Rouch P, Drevelle X, Thoreux P (Paris,France)

The biomechanical determinants of a cutting manoeuvre - Marshall B, Franklyn-Miller A, Moran K, Strike S, King E, Breen D, Shoenfeld J, Falvey EC (Dublin, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia)

Evaluation of dynamic postural control in female soccer players - Grygorowicz M, Piontek T, Dudzinski W (Pila andPoznan,Poland)

Movement efficiency and physiological performance in Gaelic games players - King E, Walsh M, Kennedy M, Byrne D, Kelly D  (Dublin,Ireland;Bath,United Kingdom)


Case Reports (Knee)

Chairs: Chomiak, Jiri (SUI) - Nanni, Gianni (ITA)

Five-years follow-up of a meniscal repair in a goalkeeper - Sosio C, Domenicucci M , Melato M, Agnoletto M, Peretti GM (Milan,Italy)

A case of medial knee dislocation: surgical and post-operative treatment - Saccia F, Torri G, Vaudetti M, Falco M (Casale Monferrato and Torino, Italy)

Use of Laser and reflexology in the rehabilitation of a football player after a knee contusion - Tohaneanu AAA, Dragomir M, Tohaneanu LL (Craiova,Romania)

Delayed cartilage defect 7 years after contusion of the lateral femoral condyle - Papasoulis E, Papakostas E, Sideridis A, Terzidis I (Thessaloniki,Greece)

Mental coaching in a path to recovery after ACL reconstruction in a football player - Cassardo M (Milan,Italy)


Orthopaedics in football

Chairs: Boniforti, Filippo (ITA) – Tzouroudis, Nikos (UAE)

Time to return to sports after hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement in professional and non-professional soccer players - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London&Leeds,United Kingdom)

Return to sport after arthroscopic augmentation with subscapularis tendon in anterior shoulder instability

Maiotti M, Massoni C, Bondi R, Acquaviva R, Bianchedi D (Rome, Italy)

Arthroscopic suture-anchor Bankart repair of recurrent anterior shoulder dislocations in young football players - Triantafillou Ch, Kapsampelis A (Athens,Greece)

A new treatment of the lesion of anterior talo-fibular ligament: preliminary report - Siclari A, Vigna M, Piras M, Boux E (Biella,Italy)

Osteoarthritis in former professional football players - Gouttebarge V, Inklaar H, Frings-Dresen MHW (Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Bilthoven, TheNetherlands)


Functional recovery

Chairs: Grimm, Katharina (QAT) – Respizzi, Stefano (ITA)

Post ACL reconstruction plyometric drills - Mar Chong D (Honolulu,USA)

Implementation of a neuromuscular training programme in adolescent football - Hägglund M, Lindblom H, Carlfjord S, Waldén M (Linköping,Sweden)

Neuromuscular training and knee ligament injuries in female adolescent football - Hägglund M, Atroshi I, Wagner P, Waldén M (Linköping, Lund and Hässleholm, Sweden)

Predictors of functional outcomes after ACL reconstruction in football players - Della Villa F (Bologna,Italy)

Return to soccer following ACL reconstruction - Papakostas E, Papasoulis E, Epaminontidis K, Terzidis I, Sideridis A (ThessalonikiGreeceandDoha,Qatar)

Lower extremity isokinetic muscle strength and joint kinetics during landing tasks -Undheim M, Gore S, Franklyn-Miller A, King E, Boland M, Carolan D, Murphy A, Falvey EC (Dublin Ireland and Melbourne, Australia)

Persisted knee pain? Look at the spine. A new treatment approach - Kakavas G (Athens,Greece)

Effect of Kinesio Taping on static and dynamic balance during soccer Haksever B, Baltaci G (Ankara,Turkey)

Severe time-loss injuries and surgeries in relation to mental health in professional football -Gouttebarge V, Frings-Dresen MHW, Sluiter JK (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Epidemiology and prevention

Chairs: Fazzini, Davide (ITA) – Turmo, Antonio (ESP)

Injuries in youth players of the football clubs’s academies of Dubai - Ghrairi M, Hindawi O, Sallawi R, Zerguini Y (Dubai, UAE and Algiers, Algeria)

The epidemiology of foot & ankle injuries in premier league footballers - Clough T, Greensill A, Batty P (Lancashire andLondon,United Kingdom)

Severe injuries in young football players aged 7 to 12 - Rössler R, Junge A, Chomiak J, Faude O (Basel and Zürich,Switzerland; Hamburg, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic)

Knee and ankle joint injuries from 2007 to2013 inAustralian A-League professional football - Gouttebarge V, Hughes Schwab B, Vivian A (Hoofddorp, TheNetherlandsandVictoria,Australia)

Soccer club sponsored knee screening as a window on young football player health - Sala R, Pasi S, Fusetti D, Azzini V, Tosi F, Gervasi F, Marchetti I, Castagnetti L, Respizzi S, Lucini S (Milan,Italy)

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