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Congresso 2013


Chairs: De Carli, Angelo (ITA) – Panics, Gergerly (HUN)

Platelet-rich plasma and TgF-beta antagonist act synergistically in treatment of muscle injuries

Kelc R, Vogrin M (Maribor, Slovenia)

PRP injections for plantar fasciitis in football/rugby - Clough T, Kumar V (Wigan,United Kingdom)

Anterior instability in soccer players: results of the Latarjet procedure - Neyton L, Cerciello S, Edwards TB, Walch G (Lyon,France)

High volume image guided injection: useful in a rugby shoulder injury? - Morton S, Ghozlan A, Price J, Chan O, Morrissey D (London, United Kingdom)

Anterior instability in rugby players: results of the Latarjet-Patte procedure - Neyton L, Young A, Dawidziak B, Visona E, Hager JP, Fournier Y, Walch G (Lyon,France)

Return to sport in footballers following hip arthroscopy - Dimitrakopoulou A, Villar RN, Brennan K, Paikray M,BajwaAS(CambridgeandLondon,United Kingdom)

Functional Assessment

Chairs: Narici, Marco (UK) – Roi, Giulio Sergio (ITA)

The biomechanical effects of varying speed and load during eccentric and concentric loading of triceps surae complex - Chaudhry S, Screen HRC, Woledge R, Morrissey D (London,United Kingdom)

High speed running for strengthening the hamstrings of football players - Lee JWY, Yung PSH, Chan HCK, Chan KM (Hong Kong, China)

Eccentric hamstring weakness and EMg deficits after repeat sprint running are related - Timmins RG, Opar DA, Williams MD, Schache AG, Dear NM, Shield AJ (BrisbaneandMelbourne,Australia; Glamorgan, United kingdom)

Hamstring muscle activation during the nordic hamstring exercise - Bourne MN, Opar DA, Williams MD, Al Najjar A, Shield AJ (Brisbane, Australia; Wales, United Kingdom)

A novel field test of eccentric hamstring strength: a reliability and injury study - Opar DA, Williams MD, Piatkowski T,TimminsRG, Shield AJ (BrisbaneandMelbourne,Australia;Glamorgan,United Kingdom)

The biomechanics of long-standing adduction-related groin pain - Kloskowska P, Morrissey D, Alty J, Graham J, Malliaras P, Woledge R (LondonandReading,United Kingdom)

Isometric strength of the preferred and non-preferred leg in youth soccer players - Bambaeichi E, Rahnama N, Daneshjoo A (Isfahan, Iran)

Muscle strain implication from sprinting biomechanics of soccer players and sprinters - Chan HCK, Lee JWY, Yung PSH, Chan KM (Hong Kong, China)

The haefni hhE 1.0 system. A new isokinetic and pleokinetic device - Olmo J (Madrid,Spain)

Case Reports Muscle

Chairs: Nanni, Gianni (ITA) – Rogers, Ralph (UK)

The rehabilitation of a football player with quadriceps femoris trauma - Tohaneanu AAA, Avramescu ET, Dragomir M, Tohaneanu LL (Craiova, Romania)

delayed proximal rectus femoris reconstruction in three high-level athletes -BajwaAS, Villar RN (Cambridge,United Kingdom)

Su Jok Acu therapy. non invasive treatments for musculotendineous injuries in football - Benson M (Eastbourne,United Kingdom)

University College of London (UCL) Symposium

Chairs: Haddad, Fares (UK) – Oussedik, Sam (UK)

Achilles and patellar tendinopathy - Evidence for treatment – Alfredson, Hakan (SWE)

The genetic approach to tendon and muscle pathology – Montgomery, Hugh (UK)

The use of vibration in the management of muscle and tendon injuries – Cardinale, Marco (UK)

Muscle repair strategies - Van Sommeren, Ken (UK)

Stem cells – their role in repair – Harridge, Steve (UK)

ECOSEP Workshop - Hamstring Injuries

Chairs: Maffulli, Nicola (UK) – Tsapralis, Kyriakos (ITA)

Muscle injuries in sport –Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

SEM physicians’ diagnostic approach for hamstring injuries – Kouloumentas, Panagiotis (GRE)

Hamstring injuries classification. Anatomical, clinical or imaging orientated? – Malliaropoulos, Nikos (GRE)

Imaging diagnosis for hamstring injuries – Chan, Otto (UK)

Italian Society of Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons

Chairs: Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

Muscles Injuries: Time for a new Classification - Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears: From molecular biology to surgery – Oliva, Francesco (ITA)

Training and detraining effects on tendon structure: new possible therapeutic strategies – Frizziero, Antonio (ITA)

MSC for Tendons Problems: new, but is there any evidence? – Abate, Michele (ITA)

Doc, I have done everything, and my tendon still hurts... – Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

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