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Conference 2015
The Landscape

Chairs: D'Hooghe, Michel (BEL) - Della Villa, Stefano (ITA)

FIFA World Cup 2014: medical report - D'Hooghe, Michel (BEL)

Football medicine: the landscape - Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Football orthopaedics: the landscape - Mandelbaum, Bert (USA)

Football rehabilitation: the landscape - Batty, Phil (UK)

Football research: UEFA Champions League - Ekstrand, Jan (SWE)

Surgical solutions for hip and groin pain

Chairs: Sarimo, Janne (FIN) - Tsoukas, Dimitrios (GRE) 

Imaging of hip and groin pathologies - Blease, Simon (UK)

Indications for hip arthroscopy in the footballer - Griffin, Damian (UK)

Surgical options for recalcitrant groin injuries - Schilders, Ernest (UK)

Quick and safe return to sports after sport hernia repair - Muschaweck, Ulrike (GER)

Treatment options for rectus femuris and proximal adductor avulsion - Sarimo, Janne (FIN)

ESSKA SYMPOSIUM - Prevention, evolution and surgical solution for early osteoarthritis in footballers

Chairs: Denti, Matteo (ITA) - Ekstrand, Jan (SWE)

Classification of early osteoarthritis - Mayr, Hermann (GER)

Prevention of early osteoarthritis - Denti, Matteo (ITA)

Potential evolution of early osteoarthritis after anterior cruciate reconstruction - Denti M (ITA)

Treatment: cartilage treatment and return to football - Espregueira-Mendes, Joao (POR)

Treatment: meniscal transplantation and return to football - Monllau, Juan Carlos (ESP)

Treatment: osteotomy and return to football - Seil, Romain (LUX)

Stress Fractures and bone bruising in footballers

Chairs: Forssblad, Magnus (SWE) - Rosa, Donato (ITA)

Epidemiology of stress fractures in football - Hallén, Anna (SWE)

Managing stress fractures in football - Brukner, Peter (AUS)

Imaging and healing progression of post traumatic bone bruising - Berruto, Massimo (ITA)

Is there a specific treatment for bone bruising? - Marcacci, Maurilio (ITA)

Clinical relationship between bone bruising, ligament injuries and cartilage defects - Seil, Romain (LUX)

Return to sport post ankle injuries

Chairs: Calder, James (UK) - Pereira, Hélder (POR)

Ankle injuries in footballers - Freschi, Marco (ITA)

Anterior ankle impingement in footballers - D'Hooghe, Pieter (QAT)

Osteochondral autograft transfer system technique - Kennedy, John (USA)

Arthroscopic treatment for talar osteochondral defects - Kerkhoffs, Gino (NED)

Return to play after ankle injuries - Andersen, Thor Einar (NOR)

Medical emergencies in football

Chairs: Dvorak, Jiri (SUI) - Pelliccia, Antonio (ITA)

Personal reflections from the Muamba Incident - Tobin, Jonathan (UK)

Sudden death management - Kramer, Efraim (RSA)

Prevention in sports cardiology - Pelliccia, Antonio (ITA)

The FIFA world-wide registry of sudden cardiac deaths and arrest - Scharhag, Jurgen (GER)

The right management of concussion - Feddermann, Nina (SUI)

Epidemiology and prevention

Chairs: Bahr, Roald (NOR) - Pedrinelli, André (BRA)

Worldwide prevention programme updates - Bizzini, Mario (SUI)

Teaching the coach how to implement a prevention programme - Eiles, Matthias (GER)

Art of communication: a prevention programme - Stentler, Leonne (NED)

FIFA 11 for health update - Fuller, Colin (UK)

Playing football to prevent chronic diseases - Krustrup, Peter (UK)

Football topics in internal medicine

Chairs: Cowie C (UK), Pigozzi F (ITA)

Nutrition and hydration - Medina, Daniel (ESP)

Supplements and sport drinks - Morton, James (UK)

Prevention and monitoring by blood exams - Banfi, Giuseppe (ITA)

Antidoping in sport - Kemp, Simon (UK)

Respiratory illness in the footballer - Schwellnuss, Martin (RSA)

Hamstring injuries

Chairs: Benazzo, Francesco (ITA), Peterson, Lars (SWE)

Have we made any progress? - Brukner, Peter (AUS)

Can we prevent hamstring injuries? - Thorborg, Kristian (DEN)

Predicting return to play after hamstring injury - Diesel, Wayne (UK)

Why so many hamstring injuries occur? - Askling, Carl (SWE)

Creating structure for successful hamstring rehabilitation - Stride, Matthew (UK)

Hamstring injuries

Chairs: Ferretti, Andrea (ITA) - Schneider, Christian (GER)

Tendinopathy: what is the pathology? - Maffulli, Nicola (ITA)

Imaging tendinopathy - Alfredson, Hakan (SWE)

Injection therapies in tendinopathy - Khan, Karim (CAN/QAT)

The mechanotherapy model - Cook, Jill (AUS)

Recovery from tendon injury: managing return to performance - Knowles, B (USA) 

Groin pain and football

Chairs: Kemp Steve (UK) - Smith, Graham (UK)

Report from the Groin Pain Consensus Conference 2014 - Weir, Adam (QAT)

Screening and prevention - Gimpel, Mo (UK)

The role of biomechanics in groin pain in footballers - Franklyn-Miller, Andrew (IRE) 

Exercise treatment of footballers with groin injury - always first choice? - Holmich, Per (DEN)

Non operative treatment options for recalcitrant groin injuries in footballers - Silvers, Holly (USA) 

The impact of ACL surgery in footballer's career

Chairs: Denti, Matteo (SUI) - Mandelbaum, Bert (USA)

Time-trends in ACL injury rate in men's professional football - Waldén, Markus (SWE)

 The story and the rational behind the "accelerated rehabilitation" concept - Shelbourne, Donald (USA)

 Return to competitive sports: scientific evidence - Zaffagnini, Stefano (ITA)

When and why is it safe to return to sport? Biological and functional considerations - Fu, Freddie (USA)

How to manage failed ACL reconstruction in football players - Neyret, Philippe (FRA)

ACL surgery in the football player

Chiars: Fu, Freddie (USA) - Zorzi, Claudio (ITA)

Innovation and new research in ACL surgery - Haddad, Fares (UK)

Managing ACL of professional footballers, from injury, through surgery, to return to sport - Ball, Simon (UK)

Insufficient control of rotational stability following ACL reconstruction in footballers - Sonnery-Cottet, Berrand (FRA)

Treatment of multiple ligament knee injuries - Shelbourne, Donald (USA)

How to complete rehabilitation and football reconditioning - Zanobbi, Marco (ITA)

Meniscus and cartilage surgery in footballers

Chairs: Erggelet, Christoph (SUI) - Kon, Elizaveta (ITA)

Knee injuries and management of cartilage damages in footballers - Angele, Peter (GER)

Meniscus repair and transplant - Spalding, Tim (UK)

Which is the best surgical option for cartilage in footballers? - Espregueira-Mendes, Joao (POR)

Newest generation chondrocyte implantation - Mithoefer, Kai (USA)

Rehabilitation guidelines in football players - Tsapralis, Kyriakos (ITA) 

Managing low back pain in the football player

Chairs: Hutson, Mike (UK) - Wotherspoon, Mike (UK)

Low back pain and football - Edwards, Tony (NZL)

Acute back pain on the field - what to do? - Eder, Klaus (GER)

Classification and treatment algorithm for spondilolysis - Mayer, Michael (GER)

Treatment strategy in lumbar disc herniation - Fahy, Damian (UK)

Conservative treatment and sensorimotor stabilisation - Meier, Hannspeter (GER) 

Mental aspects

Chairs: Jaques, Rod (UK) - Walker, Natalie (UK)

Mental factors and team success - Kruger, Pieter (UK)

Mental coaching in football - Sas, Kristof (BEL)

Mental illness in professional player - Gouttebarge, Vincent (FRA)

FIFA research into mental health - Junge, Astrid (SUI)

Sports psychology perspective - Marcacci, Thomas (ITA) 

Round table: the communication around the player

Chairs: English, Bryan (UK) - Sas, Kristof (BEL)

Participants: O'Driscoll G (UK), Williams, John (UK); Strudwick, Tony (UK); Bascherini, Luca (UK)

The use of USI and MRI in sports orthopaedics

Chairs: Padron, Mario (ESP) - Theos, Christos (GRE)

Correlation of imaging and physical examination in sports injuries - Ntagiopoulos, Panagiotis (GRE)

MRI in acute football injuries - Healy, Jerry (UK)

Can you really trust an MRI scan? - McDermott, Ian (UK)

Advanced imaging techniques - Welsh, Goetz (GER)

Ultrasound guided interventions - Babar, Syed (UK) 

Ageing of football players

Chairs: Ardèvol, Jordi (ESP) - Delcogliano, Antonio (ITA)

The potential consequence of a joint injury - Batt, Mark (UK)

Nonoperative Mangement of Knee Osteoarthritis - Shelbourne, Donald (USA)

Playing sports after knee replacement - Margheritini, Fabrizio (ITA)

New technology in partial and total knee replacement - Nathwani, Dinesh (UK)

The muscle of ageing football players - Narici, Marco (UK) 

Functional recovery of muscle strength 

Chairs: Papacostas, Emanuel (GRE) - Snyder-Mackler, Lynn (USA)

Neuromuscular training in football - Melegati, Gianluca (ITA)

The deceleration exercises - Knowles, Bill (USA)

The "functional strength" concept - Clancy, David (IRE) 

Quadricep/hamstring assessment of female footballers - Servien, Elvire (FRA)

The contribution from osteopath and chiropractic specialists - Hearle, Leah (UK) 

The power of exercise in rehabilitation

Chairs: Danelon, Furio (ITA) - Lewin, Gary (UK)

Combination of exercises in the pool and in the gym in football reconditioning - Boldrini, Lorenzo (ITA)

Proprioceptive and neuromuscular exercises - Hambly, Karen (UK)

Football specific tests and exercises - Buckthorpe, Matthew (UK)

Effect of exercise in hip and knee osteoarthritis - Roos, Ewa (DEN)

Effect of exercise in the ACL conservative treatment - Snyder-Mackler, Lynn (USA) 

The organisation of rehabilitation at top European clubs

Chairs: Beasley, Ian (UK) - Volpi, Piero (ITA)

Real Madrid FC - Olmo, Jesus (ESP)

AC Milan - Freschi, Marco (ITA)

FC Bayern Munich - Ueblacker, Peter (GER)

Juventus FC - Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA)

Chelsea FC - Chelsea Medical Department (UK)

Arsenal FC - Lewin, Colin (UK) 

Ther use of PRP during the rehabilitation process

Chairs: Cugat, Ramon (ESP) - Musahl, Volker (USA)

The use of PRP in tendon injuries - Filardo, Giuseppe (ITA)

The use of PRP in muscle injuries - Reurink, Gustaaf (NED)

The use of PRP in knee injuries - Gobbi, Alberto (ITA)

Regenerative medicine: the USA experience - Sampson, Steve (USA)

PRP: the Asian experience - Eirale, Cristiano (QAT)

Keynote. Managing player load

Chair: Roi, Giulio Sergio (ITA) 

Monitoring player load: separating the facts from the myth - Burgess, Darren (AUS)  

Monitoring to prevent overtraining and injuries

Chairs: Brukner, Peter (AUS) - Driscoll, Gary (UK)

Overtraining in team sports - Meeusen, Romain (BEL)

Blood tests for detecting overtraining - Banfi, Giuseppe (ITA)

Heart rate measures to monitor training status in athletes: tools or toys? - Le Meur, Yann (FRA)

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) - Rampinini, Ermanno (ITA)
What monitoring is done by elite clubs? - Forsythe, Shad (UK) 

Training & injury revention: news from other sports

Chairs: Batty, Phil (UK) - Khan, Karim (QAT)

Track & field - English, Bryan (UK)

Basketball - Grantham, Nick (UK)

American football - Gera, Steve (USA)

Rugby - Cook, Christian (UK)

Keynote. Musculoskeletal screening

Chair: English, Bryan (UK)

Is there any benefit in musculoskeletal screening to reduce the risk of injuries? - Bahr, Roald (NOR)   

Where can football learn rom other sports (round table)

Chair: Burt, Jason (UK)

Participants: Allardyce, Sam (UK) - Burt, Jason (UK) - Brukner, Peter (AUS) - Batty, Phil (UK) - Burgess, Darren (AUS) -  English, Bryan (UK)

Post competition recovery strategies

Chairs: Buckthorpe, Matthew (UK) - Drust, Barry (UK)

Active or passive recovery? - Bangsbo, Jens (DEN)

Quality of sleep - Halson, Shona (AUS)

Immersion techniques - Leeder, Jonathan (UK)

Nutrition - Maughan, Ron (UK)

Massage & stretching - Dupont, Gregory (FRA)

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