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Conference 2015
Football medicine and player health

Chairs: Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA) - Turmo, Antonio (ESP)

PA01 Cardiac screening in the English football league: a critical analysis - Andrews KE (Guildford, United Kingdom)

PA02 Narrative interview about the influence of being on the homeless national Denmark football team - Bjerregaard A (Copenhagen, Denmark)

PA03 The leadership in women's football - Pintus P, Righini G, Morosi E (Milan, Italy)

PA04 Reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness by a novel Curcumin delivery system (Meriva) - Drobnic F, Riera J, Appendino G, Togni S, Franceschi F, Valle X, Pons A, Tur JA (Novara and Milan, Italy; Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, Spain) 

PA05 The results of the survey peripheral of vision fields in soccer - Filippova O, Preobrazhenskiy V, Lyadov K (Moscow, Russia)

PA06 Epidemiology study on Italian non-professional football teams - Cilli P, Pisoni D, Giannini A, Boldrini L, Tencone F (Milan and Turin, Italy)

Orthopaedics in Football

Chairs: Panics, Gergely (HUN) - Respizzi, Stefano (ITA) 

PC01 Evaluation of US-MRI fusion technology in football injuries. A pilot study -  Wong M, Til L, Domínguez D, Medina D (Sant Cugat and Barcelona, Spain)

PC02 Low-field MRI in the study of pedicle edema in young athletes with low back pain - Miceli M, Zunarelli P, Rizzo D, Gradilone A, Cedrini F, Barozzi L (Bologna and Castrovillari, Italy)

PC03 Anatomic ACL reconstruction: graft healing assessment - Massoni C, Maiotti M, Paolantonio P, Oliva F, Bianchedi D (Rome, Italy)

PC04 Transtibial vs anteromedial tunnel ACL reconstruction in soccer players: any correlation between clinical and radiographic results? -Osti L, Buda M, Cheli A, Soldati F, Del Buono A, Maffulli N (Modena and Como, Italy)

PC 05 Use of PRP in rehabilitation: patellar tendonitis versus Achilles tendonitis - 
 Di Leo MT, Caponetto G, Russo A, Iermano P (Enna and Catania, Italy)

Biomechanics and functional assessment

Chairs: Baroli, Matteo (ITA) - Buckthorpe, Matthew (UK)

PH01 Hamstring regionalized muscle activity in some exercises - Ruzza M, Diaz D, Gasol X, Wong M, Lupón G, Turmo A (Terrassa, Sant Cugat and Bercelona, Spain)

PH02 An analysis of hip and knee kinematics and kinetics during a drop landing in bladed and moulded football boots - O’Reilly EJ, Marshall B, King E, Franklyn-Miller A, Falvey E (Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia)

PH03 An analysis of the differences between bladed and moulded football boots during cutting - O’Reilly EJ, Marshall B, King E, Franklyn-Miller A, Falvey E (Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia)

PH04Landing kinematics and kinetics of single leg jumps following ACL reconstruction - Undheim M, O’Malley E, Richter C, West S, Halpin R, King E, Falvey É, Franklyn-Miller A, Marshall B (Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia)

PH05 Isometric mid-thigh pull in football players post ACL reconstruction - Lynch L, Franklyn-Miller A, Marshall B, Enda K, Undheim M, Richter C, Moran R, Falvey E (Dublin and Cork, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia)

PH06 Minimal detectable change of upper quarter balance measures in footballers - Vivo Fernández I, Medina Mirapeix F, Jimeno Serrano FJ, García Vidal JA, Sánchez-Martínez P, Salinas-Palacios V, Escolar-Reina P, Vicente Ríos JF, López Segovia M, Salinas-Martínez F (Murcia, Spain)

PH07 Upper and lower quarter dynamic balance in amateur footballers - Vivo Fernández I, Salinas-Martínez F, Salinas-Palacios V, Escolar-Reina P, Vicente Ríos JF, Jimeno Serrano FJ (Murcia, Spain)

Rehabilitation & return to play

Chairs: d'Orsi, Giovanni Maria (ITA) - Rivaroli, Simone (ITA)

PB01 Rehabilitation exercises and ankle injury recurrence: basketball vs football - Sotiropoulos S (Athens, Greece)

PB02 The efficiency of different rehabilitation methods of soccer players with low back pain - Preobrazhenskiy V, Sidorenko E, Preobrazhenskaya M, Vnukov D, Lyadov K (Moscow, Russia)

PB03 Injury prevention screening tests in a football team. Comparison between predictions and results - Baroli M, Gaetani S, Lanza M, Kampakis S (Verona, Italy; London, United Kingdom)

PB04 Evaluation of electromyographic and functional responses after participation in the prevention program FIFA 11+ - Oliveira M, Bispo V, Lobo P, Orrico G, Sebba PH, Souza Borges JH, Souza R, Netto D (Brasilia, Brazil)

PB05 Hamstring injuries in elite English rugby union: a survey of current practice - Jones S, Passfield L, Hambly K, Kemp S (Chatham and London, United Kingdom)

PB06 Deep oscillation, kinesiotaping and exercises in amateur football players after ACL reconstruction - Andreev A (Russe, Bulgaria)

Case Report

Chiars: Brotto, Emanuele (ITA) - Tomaello, Luca (ITA)

PE01 Recurrence of Rectus Femoris muscle lesion in a football player - Zuppardo S, Ferrari E, Lenzi PA, Nanni G (Grosseto and Bologna, Italy)

PE02 Groin pain in athletes: three case reports of unusual etiology - Verrone L A, Telesca P, Mondino J A, Dignani F D, Garcia Celia F, Huff M (Rosario, Argentina)

PE03 An uncommon case of stress fracture in professional women football player - Jallageas R, Verdiere F, Rochcongar P (Cesson-Sévigné, Rennes and Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines, France)

PE04 Pain in the distal shin in a 17-year old female football player - Birtič D (Nova Gorica and Ljubljana, Slovenia)

PE05 The role of chiropractics in athletic pubalgia - Diquigiovanni A (Bologna, Italy)

PE06 Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament injury: a football player case report - Desilvestri M, Capacchione P, Filipovic I, Casella A, Massazza G (Turin, Italy)

Functional assessment

Chairs: Marconato, Alessandro (UK) - Roi, Giulio Sergio (ITA)

PF01 V’O2max and V’O2AT: athletic performance, compliance to field role, injury prevention and re-training in elite football players - Manari D, Manara M, Zurini A, Tortorella G, Prandelli N, Ancelotti D, Vitale F, Bosco F, Mirandola P, Galli D (Parma, Carpi, Reggio Emilia, and Padova, Italy; Madrid, Spain)

PF02 Do the physical indexes impact on soccer players’ rating? - Preobrazhenskiy V, Vnukov D, Larin I, Sidorenko E, Preobrazhenskaya M, Lyadov K (Moscow, Russia)

PF03 Jumping power and technical skill performance in young football players - Danelon F, Trombello D, Righini G, Dordoni A, Gallo M (Milan, Italy)

PF04 CMJ 2.1: functional test during post injury period in football player - Alberti G, Boccolini G, Rossi A (Milan, Italy)

PF05 Reliability of a sphygmomanometer to assess hamstring strength in footballers - Dugdale C, Leech R (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

PF06 Flexibility in amateur football players. Comparison between literature data and test on field - Baroli M, Candotti S, Gaetani S, Rivaroli S (Verona and Milan, Italy)

PF07 Simple and complex reaction time at visual stimulation, before and after a rehabilitation after knee surgery in football players - Zurek M, Comi S, Cicchella A, Roi GS (Bologna and Milan, Italy)

Traumatology and functional assessment

Chairs: Respizzi, Stefano (ITA) - Tzouroudis, Nikos (GRE)

PG01 Muscle injuries and body composition in young soccer players - Ferrari P, Segattini C, Corradini G (Verona, Italy)

PG02 Isometric adduction strength decreases in footballers with previous groin injury - Vivo Fernández I, López Segovia M, Medina Mirapeix F, García Vidal JA, Jimeno Serrano FJ, Vicente Ríos JF, Sánchez Heredia MA (Murcia, Spain)

PG03 A look at the effects of a season long intervention on ankle strapping and injury prevention in Under 20s - Windsor P, Brooks M (Dundee, United Kingdom)

PG04 Isokinetic evaluation of knee in recreational soccer players previous knee injury - Coelho S, Miana A, Uemura B, Lucato AC (São Paulo, Brazil)

PG05 Justifying 3D biomechanical review following ACL reconstruction - O’Malley E, Marshall B, Richter C, Moran R, Falvey EC, Moran KA, Strike SC, Franklyn-Miller AD, King E (Dublin and Cork, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Australia)

PG06 Comparison of single and double leg drop land following ACL reconstruction - O’ Malley E, Marshall B, King E, Undheim M, Holland É, Travers S, Franklyn-Miller A, Moran K, Strike S, Falvey E (Dublin and Cork, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Australia)

PG07 A computerized baropodometry study: how the foot pressure changes with fatigue in professional futsal players - Filippone L, Stoppa V, Osti L, Gildone A, Caruso G, Massari L (Ferrara, Italy)

PG08 Isokinetic strength of evertors and invertors muscles after ankle sprains treated with two different dynamic protections - Tamburrino P, D’Onofrio R, Tucciarone A, Tamburrino G (Formia and Latina, Italy)

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