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Conference 2015
Orthopaedic medicine in football: ACL

Chairs: Axe, Michael (USA) - De Carli, Angelo (ITA)

ACL reconstruction in football players with pretensioning and preconditioning of the hamstring graft - Tigani D, Strazzari A, Calabrò T, Massimi S, Carboni L, Cialdella S (Bologna, Italy)

In-vivo assessment of rotatory knee laxity after ACL reconstruction with inertial sensors in football players - Marcheggiani Muccioli GM, Lopomo NF, Signorelli C, Bonanzinga T, Grassi A, Raggi F, Roberti Di Sarsina T, Giunchi D, Marcacci M, Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy)

Smartphone application in ACL deficient knee - Ferretti A, Valeo L, Mazza D, Conteduca F, Giovannetti G, Iorio P, Muliere L, Iorio R (Rome, Italy)

How do football players after ACLR compare to normative single-legged hop data? - Arundale A, Wellsandt E, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark, USA)

The relationship between hop distance and control in ACLR players - Marshall B, King E, Gore S, Holland É, Travers S, Franklyn-Miller A, Moran K, Strike S, Falvey E (Dublin, Ireland; London, United Kingdon; Melbourne, Australia)

Cut mechanics after ACL reconstruction - O’Malley E, Richter C, Marshall B, Holland É, King E, Moran R, Franklyn-Miller A, Falvey É (Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia)

ACL injuries in professional football - first results of the national German ACL registry in football - Krutsch W, Zellner J, Nerlich M, Angele P (Regensburg, Germany)

Rehabilitation & return to play

Chairs: Bianchedi, Diana (ITA) - Millson, Helen (UK)

Athletic groin pain: a biomechanical rehabilitation approach to rehabilitation - King E, Gore S, Franklyn-Miller A, Marshall B, Moran K, Strike S, Falvey E (Dublin, Ireland; London, United Kingsom; Melbourne, Australia)

A pilot study investigating the effect of a dynamic orthosis upon athletic groin pain - Sawle L, Freeman J, Marsden J (Plymouth, United Kingdom)

Athletic pubalgia in football players: return to sports activities, a 21 year study - Piskopakis A, Konstantinidis K, Psycharis I, Pavlidis L, Nikolaou P, Piskopakis N (Athens, Greece)

An interval kicking progression for return to football - Arundale A, Silvers H, Logerstedt D, Rojas J, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark, Santa Monica, Commerce City, USA)

Return to pre-injury level of competitive sports following ACL reconstruction in competitive football players - Musahl V, Yabroudi MA, Lynch A, Muller B, Lai CL, Oostdyk A, Fu F, Harner C, Irrgang J (Pittsburgh, USA)

Inferior heel pain in soccer players: retrospective study with proposal of guidelines for treatment - Saggini R, Migliorini M, Di Stefano A, Bellomo RG (Chieti, Italy)

Multimodal evidence-based tendon therapy for patella tendinopathy in professional German bundesliga soccer players. A ten year perspective - Knobloch K (Hannover, Germany)

The use of plantar reflexology and pressopuncture in footballers care - Tohaneanu AAA, Rusu L, Dragomir M, Tohaneanu LL (Craiova, Romania)

A novel soft-tissue technique for increasing lower extremity range of motion in football - Markovic G (Zagreb, Croatia)

Prevention through functional assessment in football

Chairs: Narici, Marco (UK) - Roi, Giulio Sergio (ITA)

What does a comprehensive periodic health evaluation in football players detect? - Bakken A, Targett S, Bere T, Adamuz MC, Tol JL, Whiteley R, Wilson MG, Khan KM, Witvrouw E, Bahr R (Doha, Qatar; Oslo, Norway)

Large hip adduction strength increase with the Copenhagen adduction exercise - Ishøi L, Sørensen CN, Kaae NM, Jørgensen LB, Holmich P, Serner A (Copenhagen, Denmark; Doha, Qatar)

Eccentric hamstring strength and injuries in elite soccer: a prospective study - Timmins RG, Bourne MN, Shield AJ, Williams MD, Opar DA (Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Pontypridd, United Kingdom)

Electromyographic analysis of hamstring exercises - Shield A, Bourne M, Opar D, Williams M (Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia; Pontypridd, United Kingdom)

Isokinetic leg flexors/extensors evaluations of male and female soccer players - Grazzini G, Martelli G (Poggibonsi, Italy)

Accumulated workloads and injury risk in elite youth football players using Global Positioning System technology - Bowen L, Li FX (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Football player role performance during the season: on-the-field evaluation by means of Global Positioning System technology - Fioraso M, Raggi M, Garofalo P, Mantovani M (Carpi, Italy)

Effects of functional soccer training on uneven ground on lower limbs’ dynamic stability in young soccer players - Mrozińska N, Plenzler M, Mierzwińska A, Korbolewska O, Mejnartowicz D, Popieluch M (Warsaw, Poland)

Injury prevention in football

Chairs: Gupte, Chim (UK) - Serratosa, Luis (ESP)

Injury prevention in football - Krutsch W, Nerlich M, Angele P (Regensburg, Germany) 

The acceptance of FIFA 11+ football injury prevention program in youth futsal players - Zein MI, Kurniarobbi J, Prastowo NA (Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia)

Effect of FIFA 11+ on the physical fitness level of amputee football players - Kızılcı MH, Şener FG, Bayramlar K, Ergun N (Malatya, Ankara, Gaziantep, Turkey)

Non-training sedentariness among elite footballers & implications - Kumar BD, Taylor T, Aggio D, Hamer M, Weiler R (London, United Kingdom)

Strength endurance training reduces hamstrings peak torque drop in simulated football - Delextrat A, Cohen DD (Oxford, United Kingdom; Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Muscle strength imbalances and hamstring strain injuries. are we moving forward? - van Dyk N, Whiteley R, Eirale C, Kumar BD, Hamilton B, Tol JL, Bahr R, Witvrouw E (Doha, Qatar; Oslo, Norway; London, United Kingdom; Ghent, Belgium)

Biceps femoris long head architecture and hamstring injuries in elite soccer - Timmins RG, Bourne MN, Shield AJ, Williams MD, Opar DA (Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Wales, United Kingdom)

Prevention of hamstring injuries in English and Belgian premier league football teams - Van Crombrugge G, Duvivier B, Van Crombrugge K, Bellemans J, Peers KL (Leuven, Mechelen and Genk, Belgium; Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Pathogenesis of cam morphology in English premiership footballers - Palmer AJR, Gimpel M, Folkard SS, Broomfield JAJ, Newton J, McNally E, Taylor A, Javaid K, Carr AJ, Glyn-Jones S (Oxford, and Southampton, United Kingdom)

Is isometric strength testing of the adductors and abductors a valuable tool for differentiating hip-related adductor pain and adductor-related groin pain in soccer players? - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London, Leeds and Oxford, United Kingdom)

ΑCL injury prevention: does overpronation affect ACL laxity? - Kakavas G, Papastratis I, Spanidi K (Athens, Greece)

From heart to brain in elite soccer: the Neuroplus method to improve injury prevention and performance - Rusciano A, Corradini G, Stoianov I (Milano and Verona, Italy; Marseille, France)

Effects of a nine week functional exercise program in young male soccer players - Bulat M, Dinc E, Sahin M, Bayraktar B (Istanbul, Turkey)

Athletic groin pain: an anatomical diagnosis - Falvey E, King E, O’Reilly E, Ward J, Kinsella S, Hogan B, Coyle J, Franklyn-Miller A (Dublin and Cork, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Australia)

Athletic groin pain: a biomechanical diagnosis - Marshall B, Richter C, Gore S, King E, Halpin R, West S, Franklyn-Miller A, Moran K, Strike S, Falvey E (Dublin, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Australia)


Chairs: Til i Pérez, Lluis (ESP), Zunarelli, Pierpaolo (ITA)

Injury incidence in Italian national youth and women teams of football - De Carli A, Calderaro C, Mazza D, Bolle G, Costabile C, Tudisco C, Checcaglini M, Ticca L, Santoriello V, Labianca L, Monaco E, Lanzetti R, Redler A, Iorio C, Guzzini M, Carcangiu A, Fabbri M, Ferretti A (Rome, Italy)

Incidence of soccer injuries in argentine professional players with different match frequency - Vilamitjana J, Lentini N, Masabeu E (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Injuries in football and rugby in Trinidad, a Caribbean Island - Maximé JE (St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)

Clinical-epidemiological investigation on Milanese recreational football players - Cunetto A, Boldrini L (Milan, Italy)

The effect of hypermobility on the incidence of injury in professional football: a multi-site cohort study - Konopinski M, Graham I, Jones G, Johnson M (Liverpool and Leeds, United Kingdom)

Pubic apophysitis. A previously undescribed clinical entity of groin pain in football players - Sailly M, Whiteley R, Read JW, Giuffre B, Johnson A, Hölmich P (Lausanne, Switzerland; Doha, Qatar; Sydney and St Leonards, Australia; Manchester, United Kingdom; Copenhagen, Denmark)

Pediatric football injuries: apophysitis in young players - Monaco M, Yanguas X, Montoro B, Til Ll (Barcelona, Tarragona, Terrassa, and Barcelona; Spain)

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome in footballers - Domínguez D, Turmo A, Lupón G, Villagra V, Gasol X (Sant Cugat, Terrassa, and Barcelona; Spain)

The presence of os acetabuli and its prevalence in soccer - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London, Leeds and Oxford; United Kingdom)

How does lower leg alignment differ in soccer players vs normal controls? - Colyn W, Agricola R, Arnout N, Verhaar JAN, Bellemans J (Leuven and Zol Genk; Belgium) 

Orthopaedic medicine in football

Chairs: Chomiak, Jiri (CZE) - Madonna, Vincenzo (ITA) 

Dynamic knee instability in footballers as a result of isolated medial collateral ligament injury - Volpin A, Konan S, Fayad TE, Haddad FS (London, United Kingdom)

Functional recovery of soccer players after femoral condyle cartilage repair using all-arthroscopic AMIC technique - Prusinska A, Grygorowicz M, Piontek T, Ciemniewska-Gorzela K, Naczk J, Dudzinski W (Poznan and Pila, Poland)

Treatment of knee cartilage lesions in professional football players with MACI – case series with mid-term results - Papakostas E, Papasoulis E, Terzidis J, Sideridis A (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Platelets rich plasma treatment for muscle injuries in professional soccer players - Battistella F, Francavilla C (Monza and Palermo, Italy)

Treatment of 5th metatarsal fractures after ankle sprain in football players - Bevoni R, Mignani G, Montanari G, Girolami M (Bologna, Italy)

Outcomes of selective partial adductor release for chronic adductor enthesopathy in professional soccer players - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London, Leeds, Oxford, United Kingdom)

Bilateral adductor tenotomy with or without hernioplasty in greek football players with groin pain - Tzoanos G, Manousaki E, Tsavalas N, Chardaloumbas D, Kalliakmanis A, Manidakis N (Crete and Athens, Greece)

Clinical outcomes following hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement in soccer players - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (London, Leeds, and Oxford, United Kingdom)

Severe injuries in children Football Epidemiological studies - Severe injuries in children Football Epidemiological studies

Sports medicine applied to football

Chairs: Gouttebarge, Vincent (FRA) - Susta, Davide (IRE)

Nutrition appraisal of Australian football players - Andrews M, Itsiopoulos C (Melbourne, Australia)

Effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on exercise-induced muscle damage in elite soccer players - Kotsis Y, Mikellidi A, Aresti C, Persia E, Sotiropoulos A, Nomikos T (Athens, Greece)

Cardiac autonomic imbalance in a nonfunctional overreached professional soccer player - Vilamitjana JJ, Lentini NA, Pérez Jr MF (Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dubai, UAE)

Mortality in international professional football from 2007 to 2013 - Gouttebarge V, Ooms W, Tummers T, Inklaar H (Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Bilthoven, The Netherlands)

First aid on field management strategies in youth football - Krutsch W, Angele P (Regensburg, Germany)

The effect of travel and match play on sleep in national footballers - Fullagar HHK, Dufeld R, Skorski S, White D, Bloomfield J, Kölling S, Meyer T (Saarland Germany; Australia; Belfast, United Kingdom; Bochum, Germany)

Emotional coaching model: research about football players rehabilitation - Covelli E, Pisoni D, Respizzi S (Milan, Italy)

Dental health for football players - Zahar M, Zerguini Y (Algiers, Algery)

Concussion knowledge and management among Italian youth soccer clubs - Filali N, Amaddeo P, Bellini G, Bizzotto N, Dimeco F (Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, and Bolzano, Italy)

Case Reports

Chairs: Nanni, Gianni (ITA) - Rogers, Ralph (UK)

Traumatic popliteal vein trombosis in a soccer player: case report - Yanguas X, Gudelis M, Drobnic F (Sant Cugat and Barcelona, Spain)

Comprehensive bio-mechanical physical therapy for college soccer player’s groin injury - Cassidy B (Washington, USA)

Exertional heat stroke in an adolescent football player - Broman D (London UK) 

Ultrasound imaging as a novel technique to evaluate myofascial pain syndrome in a footballer: a case study - De Coninck K (Chatham, United Kingdom)

Soccer nose: the use of AlterG postsurgical and nonsurgical - Herfert J, Landkammer Y, Sassmann R, Neier B, Biritz A, Wicker A (Salzburg, Austria)

Rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction in a football player: an individualistic approach towards progressive results - Hoogendyk D (Los Angeles, USA)

Isokinetic training after an ACL reconstruction in a professional football player - Sassmann R, Herfert J, Landkammer Y, Neier B, Wicker A (Salzburg, Austria) 

Exertional heat stroke in an adolescent football player - Đorđevic S, Tomažič S, Sodnik J, Berdajs M, Modic Ž, Gerbec Čuček M (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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