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Conference 2014

The Landscape

Chairs: D'Hooghe, Michel (BEL) - Della Villa, Stefano (ITA)

The 20 years of F-MARC: from 1994 to 2014 World Cup – Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Brazil - the impact of the World Cup – Runco, José (BRA)

Joint and ligament Injuries in the UEFA Champions League – Ekstrand, Jan (SWE)

ACL injury mechanisms in football: a video analysis – Walden, Marcus (SWE)

Controversial Conservative Approach

Chairs: English, Bryan (UK) -  Muller-Wohlfahrt, Hans Wilhelm (GER)

Football team doctor's perspective - how have we managed this problem – Serratosa, Luis (ESP) 

The hyaluronan debate. Where are we now? – Marcheggiani Muccioli, Giulio Maria (ITA)

Omega 3 intake and joint remodelling – Babraj, John (UK)

PRP. The good side and downside to this treatment – Sas, Kristof (BEL)

Decrease the load with good strength and conditioning - Franklyn-Miller, Andrew (IRL)

Grassroots and recreational football: health considerations

Chairs: Danelon, Furio (ITA) – Davison, Mike (UK)

Epidemiology in grassroots football – Fuller, Colin (UK)

Long term consequences of knee injuries – Krutsch, Werner (GER)

Who is the recreational football player? – Boldrini, Lorenzo (ITA)

How to manage the health of recreational players – Khan, Karim (CAN/QAT)

Health effects of recreational football – Krustrup, Peter (DEN)

Rehabilitation exercises for dynamic joint stabilisation

Chairs: Batty, Phil (UK) – Combi, Franco (ITA)

The role of the muscles as active stabilisers of the joints – Hutson, Mike (UK)

Open and closed chain in the knee rehabilitation – Zanobbi, Marco (UK)

Shoulder dynamic stabilisation exercises – Salsi, Alessandro (ITA)

Isokinetic evaluation and strengthening programmes - Olmo Navas, Jesús (ESP)

Plyometric and jumping progression during the recovery process – Diesel, Wayne (UK)

Chondral and osteochondral defects: surgery and return to sport

Chairs: Erggelet, Christoph (SUI) – Kon, Elizaveta (ITA)

Conservative management of cartilage lesions in the athlete’s knee – Ueblacker, Peter (GER)

Cartilage lesions in football. Where are we now? – Espregueira-Mendes, João (POR) 

Return to play strategies post knee surgery – Mithoefer, Kai (USA)

Biological joint reconstruction and football – Marcacci, Maurilio (ITA)

Rehabilitation principles for cartilage regeneration – Hambly, Karen (UK)

Imaging and clinical diagnosis in footballers’ joints

Chairs: Ferretti, Andrea (ITA) – Healy, Jerry (UK)

Ultrasonography: the stethoscope of the future sports physician? – Zunarelli, Pierpaolo (ITA)

MRI in orthopaedics and sports medicine daily practice – Kerkhoffs, Gino (NED)

MRI studies in footballers’ joint kinetics – Welsh, Goetz (GER)

MRI images of footballers’ hip, knee and ankle injuries – Balzarini, Luca (ITA)

MRI images of footballers’ spine shoulder and elbow injuries – Padron, Mario (ESP)

Neuromuscular Control

Chairs: Lewing, Gary (UK) – Zanobbi, Marco (ITA)

Neuromuscular exercises during knee rehabilitation – Snyder Mackler, Lynn (USA)

The concept of neuroplasticity applied to functional recovery – Rivaroli, Simone (ITA)

Functional rehabilitation in the pool – Ruig, Pierre (FRA)

ACL and neuromuscular control: a video analysis of injury mechanism – De Carli, Angelo (ITA)

The role of core stability in the recovery of the footballer – Goedhart, Edwin (NED)

Orthobiology and regenerative medicine

Chairs: Castellacci, Enrico (ITA) – Maffull,i Nicola  (ITA)

The regenerative medicine landscape – Mandelbaum, Bert (USA)

Regenerative medicine in shoulder injuries – Randelli, Pietro (ITA)

The use of PRP and growth factors in footballers’ joints – Cugat, Ramon (ESP)

Stem cell treatment: past, present, future – Gobbi, Alberto (ITA)

Female football players

Chairs: Bianchedi, Diana (ITA) – Millson, Helen (UK)

Epidemiology of injury in female football players – Junge, Astrid (SUI)

Female footballers’ lesions – Silvers, Holly (USA)

ACL injuries in female football players – Servien, Elvire (FRA)

Prevention is better than cure – training prescription to protect youth female footballers – Lloyd, Rhodri (UK)

Return to sport strategies

Chairs: Schneider, Christian (GER) - Tavana, Rodolfo (ITA)

The difference between clinical rehabilitation and football reconditioning – Knowles, Bill (USA)

The “on pitch” football recovery programme after ACL surgery –Medina, Daniel (ESP)

Functional strategies to prevent recurrence risk after knee surgery – Melegati, Gianluca (ITA)

How to manage the fear of reinjury – Walker, Nathalie (UK)

Return to play criteria – Snyder-Mackler, Lynn (USA)

Knee surgery and functional recovery

Chairs: Benazzo, Francesco (ITA) – Coari, Giancarlo (ITA)

Crucial principles in the care of the knee – Rodkey ,William (USA)

Functional recovery after ligament reconstruction and menicus repair – Cohen, Moisés (BRA)

Treatment of complex ligament lesions with rotatory instability – Adravanti, Paolo (ITA)

Strategies in revision surgery – Delcogliano, Marco (ITA)

Criterion based rehab: the “traffic light” concept – Tsapralis, Kyriakos (ITA)

Shoulder injuries and football

Chairs: Axe, Michael (USA) – Minola, Riccardo (ITA)

Conservative management of sporting shoulder injuries – Ranson, Craig (UK)

The stabilisation surgery options in a football player – Kochhar, Tony (UK)

Post surgical and return to football protocols – Danelon, Furio (ITA)

Shoulder trauma in goalkeepers – Castagna, Alessandro (ITA)

Shoulder replacement in professional football: a case report – Porcellini, Giuseppe (ITA)

Prevention strategies

Chairs: Chalabi, Hachim (QAT) -  Pedrinelli, André (BRA)

The F-MARC concept of prevention – Bizzini, Mario (SUI)

Ankle prevention programme for football – Malliaropoulos, Nikos (GRE)

Hip strategies to prevent knee injuries – Powers, Chris (USA)

Ankle sprains: prevention input from research in biomechanics – Gehring, Dominic (GER)

Medical markers in injury prevention – Schriebl, Wolfgang (AUT)

ACL surgery and return to football

Chairs: Angele, Peter (GER) – Zorzi, Claudio (ITA)

ACL surgery in sport. Where are we now? – Fu, Freddie (USA)

Optimise functional outcome: surgery and rehabilitation as one team – Arnaldi, Enrico (ITA)

Biologically enhanced ACL reconstruction in footballers – Sonnery-Cottet, Bertrand (FRA)

Predictors of medium-term outcome and return to sport after ACL injury – Haddad, Fares (UK)

Return to top level football after ACL reconstruction – Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA)

Ankle lesions of the footballer

Chairs: Clough, Tim (UK) – Brukner, Peter (AUS)

Return to football after ankle surgery – Kennedy, John (USA)

The footballer’s ankle – Geertsema, Liesel (QAT)

Ankle impingement: conservative treatment – Andersen, Thor Einar (NOR)

Ankle impingement: surgical options – Kerkhoffs, Gino (NED)

Ankle stabilisation surgeries – Ruffilli, Alberto (ITA)

The young football player

Chairs: Peterson, Lars (SWE) - Til I Perez, Lluis (ESP)

Exercise loads and prevention programme for young patients – Freschi, Marco (ITA)

Grow related joint injuries in young players – D’Hooghe, Pieter (QAT)

ACL in young population: data from the Scandinavian register – Forssblad, Magnus (SWE)

Management of osteochondritis dissecans – Modonesi, Fulvio (ITA)

Conservative and surgical management of the cartilage injury – Steinwachs, Matthias (SUI)

Patellofemoral joint and football

Chairs: Denti, Matteo (ITA) -  Espregueira-Mendes João (POR)

Patella instability in football player – Neyret, Philippe (FRA)

The treatment of patellar pathology in adolescent football players – Seil, Romain (LUX)

To treat or not to treat chondral lesions of the PF joints? – Berruto, Massimo (ITA)

Treatment choice in first traumatic patella luxation or subluxation – Zaffagnini, Stefano (ITA)

Micro and macro rupture of extensor mechanism – Dejour, David (FRA)

Hip surgery and functional recovery

Chairs: Brukner, Peter (AUS) – Zini, Raul (ITA)

The hip in the footballer – Schilders, Ernest (UK)

Differential diagnosis of hip and groin pain – what is the indication for hip arthroscopy? – Holmich, Per (DEN)

The new hip era: how not to pass from underdiagnosis to overtreatment and role of conservative treatment – Randelli, Filippo (ITA)

Orthobiologics in hip arthroscopy – Bajwa, Ali (UK)

Factors influencing outcomes after hip arthroscopy – Kemp, Joanne (AUS)

Management of early and late osteoarthritis (OA)

Chairs: Batt, Mark (UK) – Volpi, Piero (ITA)

Conservative management of knee OA – Crossley, Kai (AUS)

Acute surgical decisions and long term future of the patients’ knees – Rosa, Donato (ITA)

Knee replacement and sport – Williams, Andy  (UK)

Biological reconstruction of the knee – restorative or salvage? – McDermott, Ian (UK)

Rehabilitation following arthritis surgery – Roos, Ewa (DEN)

The spine of the football player

Chairs: Edwards, Tony (NZL) – Fahy, Damien (UK)

Diagnosis and management of aspecific low back pain in football – Beasley, Ian (UK)

Spinal injuries: experiences from the field – Eirale, Cristiano (QAT)

Surgical indications for football players – Mayer, Michael (GER)

Return to sport after spine surgery in top player: a case report – Tomaello, Luca (ITA)

Role of fascia in lower back pain – De Coninck, Kyra (UK)

The role of FIFA on injury prevention

Chairs: Brukner, Peter (AUS) - Della Villa, Stefano (ITA)

Overview of F-MARC projects and 11+ around the world – Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Prevention of contact and non contact injuries in football – Bizzini, Mario (SUI)

Prevention through promotion of 11+ inGermany– Eiles, Matthias (GER)

How to prevent injuries in football?

Chairs: Danelon, Furio (ITA) – Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Amateur football players – Bizzini, Mario (SUI)

Female football players – Silvers, Holly (USA)

Young football players – Faude, Oliver (SUI)

Professional football players – Kemp, Steve (UK)

The challenge of injury prevention in football (round table)

Chair: Monti, Andrea (ITA)

Participants: Batty, Phil (UK) – Berruto, Massimo (ITA) – Branchini, Giovanni (ITA) - Olmo Navas, Jesús (ESP), Tavana, Rodolfo (ITA) – Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA)

Practical aspects (with video)

Chairs: Bizzini, Mario (SUI) – Witvrouw, Erik (QAT)

Effects of injury prevention on performance – Bangsbo, Jens (DEN)

The role of stretching in injury prevention – Witvrouw, Erik (QAT)

Prevention in professional players – Sassi, Roberto (ITA)

Prevention in female players – Silvers, Holly (USA)

Prevention in young football players – Mathieu, Nicolas (SUI)

Prevention in referees – Castagna, Carlo (ITA)

Prevention of reinjuries during rehabilitation – Boldrini, Lorenzo (ITA)


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