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Conference 2014

Orthopaedics in football 

Chairs: Boniforti, Filippo (ITA) – Tzouroudis, Nikos (UAE)

Safety and usefulness of platelet-rich plasma treatment in football injuries - Lupón Escobar G, García Beltrán M, Til Pérez L, Pruna Grive R, Serrano Reyes A, Rivero González L (Barcelona, Terrassa and Fuertaventura, Spain; Santiago, Chile)

Evaluation of outcome after ankle fractures in amateur soccer players - Ambron A (Bari,Italy)

Upper limbs joint injuries in goalkeepers: an epidemiological survey in juvenile football - Danelon F, Righini G (Milan,Italy)

Joint injuries and site distribution among Greek amateur soccer players - Mazis N, Dragatsi G, Stathopoulos N, Michailidis M, Sembolini N (Athens,Greece)

Knee rotation stability after sb anatomic acl reconstruction in semiprofessional football players - Bruno A, Pratico S, Zornetta A, Arnaldi E (Milan,Italy)

Prevalence of bilateral symptomatic femoroacetabular impingement in soccer - Dimitrakopoulou A, Schilders E, Kartsonaki Ch, Cooke C (Leeds, United Kingdom)

The important role of arthroscopy for hip injuries of football players - Tsikouris G, Intzirtzis P, Zampiakis E, Tsikouris E, Kourougenis P, Plessas SK (Athens, Greece)


Functional Recovery

Chairs: Praticò, Santo (ITA) – Stride, Matthew (UK)

Functional ability and return to activity identify limb asymmetry following ACLR - Arundale A, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark,USA)

Functional progression and return to activity after ACLR in soccer and nonsoccer athletes - Arundale A, White K, Snyder-Mackler L (Newark,USA)

Effect of compliance on rehabilitation after knee ligament reconstruction - Danelon F, Gatti M, Vago P, Colombo L, Boldrini L, Comi S (Milan, Italy)

Eccentric power and return to play after ACL reconstruction - Zuppardo S, Ferrari E,MerloF (GrossetoandSiena,Italy)

Low speed resistance training in young football players with anterior knee pain - Bardelli M, Cavaggioni L, Alberti G (Milan,Italy)


Injury prevention

Chairs: Millson, Helen (UK) – Servadei, Maria Assunta (ITA)

Prevention of ankle injuries in soccer and rugby by neuromuscular stimulation and proprioceptive exercise

Buselli P, Ginevra G, Ferrari B, Bosoni R, Messina S (Brescia, Cremona, Pavia, Italy)

Hamstrings training effect on hip and knee joint function and injury prevention - Ono T, Hirose N (Tokio,Japan)

Functional movement screen and sprint performance in young soccer players - Sannicandro I, Cofano G, Rosa AR, Piccinno A (Foggia,Italy)

Functional movement screen and vertical jump performance in professional soccer players - Sannicandro I, Traficante P, Cofano G, Rosa AR, Piccinno A (Foggia, Italy)

Functional movement screen test scores in young soccer players - Cavaggioni L, Bardelli M, Pittaluga E, Alberti G (Milan,Italy)

A new futsal warmup program. Effect on joint injury prevention in young players - Danelon F, Stoppa V, Ribatti ML, Roi GS, Maccauro G (Milan,Italy)

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