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Conference 2013

The Landscape

Della Villa, Stefano (ITA) - Michel D’Hooghe (BEL)

FIFA's F-MARC strategies for prevention – Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Epidemiology of muscle and tendon injuries in elite football players - Ekstrand, Jan (SWE)

Muscle injury prevention – Bahr, Roald (NOR)

Muscle injuries: developments over the last 30 years - Müller-Wohlfahrt, Hans Wilhelm (GER)

Muscle injuries: the proposal of a new classification system - Ueblacker, Peter (GER)

Groin Pain

Chairs: Holmich, Per (DEN) – Griffin, Damian (UK)

Groin pain: a clinical overview – Brukner, Peter (AUS)

Surgical innovation – Muschaweck, Ulrike (GER)

Groin pain and the hip joint – Mandelbaum, Bert (USA)

Does the sportsman's hernia exist? – Bradshaw, Chris (AUS)

When should a player return to full training - English,Bryan(UK)

The Hamstrings Group

Chairs: Margheritini, Fabrizio (ITA) – Mithoefer, Kai (USA)

Experiences after 20 years in Serie A – Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA)

UEFA's study group report – Walden, Markus (SWE)

The AFL study group report – Orchard, John (AUS)

Hamstring reattachment – Haddad, Fares (UK)

Proximal hamstring avulsion in professional footballer - Sonnery-Cottet, Bertrand (FRA)

Foot and Ankle Tendons

Chairs: Delcogliano, Antonio (ITA) – Smith, Graham (UK)

The footballer's Achilles tendon – Benazzo, Francesco (ITA)

Imaging and intervention in Achilles tendinopathy – Healy, Jerry (UK)

Partial rupture and repair of the Achilles tendon – Davies, Mark (UK)

Surgical treatments for ankle tendons – Giannini, Sandro (ITA)

Strengthening the chain – Knowles, Bill (USA)

New Frontiers in Tendinous

Chairs: Andersen, Thor Einar (NOR) – Bell, Jonathan (UK) Norway)

Function is key – Calder, James (UK)

Biotechnology in tendon healing – Gobbi, Alberto (ITA)

Preservation of the Achilles tendon – Alfredson, Hakan (SWE)

Shockwave therapy – Danelon, Furio (ITA)


Chairs: Padron, Mario (SPA) – Brown James (UK)

The possibilities in imaging for muscles and tendons – Blease, Simon (UK)

Groin pain and FAI imaging – Padron, Mario (ESP)

The role of ultrasound for the sports physician – Zunarelli, Pierpaolo (ITA)

Imaging and surgery – Tsoukas, Dimitrios (GRE)

Upper Limb Injuries

Chairs: Kemp, Simon (UK) – Minola, Riccardo (ITA)

Goalkeepers and the unstable shoulder– Wallace, Andrew (UK)

Tendon lesions and the healing process – Castagna, Alessandro (ITA)

Lessons from American Football – Axe, Michael (Newark,USA)

Shoulder tendons and PRP – Randelli, Pietro (ITA)

PRP Therapy in Muscle and Tendon

Chairs: Espregueira Mendes, João (POR) – Zorzi, Claudio (ITA)

Current scientific evidence – Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

Clinical experience with footballers – Cugat,Ramon (SPA)

PRP and exercises – Kon, Elizaveta (ITA)

Tendon Injury Interventions

Chairs: Adravanti, Paolo (ITA) – Crisp, Tom (UK)

The history of interventions – Hutson, Mike (UK)

The timing of interventions in elite football - Sas, Kristof (BEL)

The management of tendon injuries - Snyder-Mackler,Lynn(USA)

Exercise and conservative treatment in patellar tendon – Gemignani, Michele (ITA)

Infrapatellar Tendon

Chairs: Maffulli, Nicola (UK) – Marcacci, Maurilio (ITA)

A clinical overview – Schneider, Christian (GER)

Case studies fromLa Liga–Medina,  Daniel (ESP)

Rupture and repair– Zaffagnini, Stefano (ITA)

Can they return to full function post surgery? – Williams, Andy (UK)

Rehabilitation principles – Fearn, Jon (UK)

Injuries to the Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Group

Chairs: Rosa, Donato (ITA) – Higgins, Richard (UK)

Complex anatomy of kicking muscles – Nieper, Alex (UK)

Return to training criteria – Serratosa, Luis (ESP)

The treatment of a quadriceps tear – Zanobbi, Marco (UK)

Indications for surgery – Hinterwimmer, Stefan (GER)

Conservative and surgical treatment – Ferretti, Andrea (ITA)

FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence - Case Reports

Chairs: Peterson, Lars (SWE) – Chalabi, Hakim (QAT)

Italy– Stride, Matthew (UK)

Belgium- D'Hooghe, Pieter (BEL)

CzechRepublic– Chomiak, Jiri (CZE)

Qatar– Eirale, Cristiano (QAT)

Germany– Krutsch, Werner (GER)

Sweden– Forssblad, Magnus (SWE)

Lessons from Rugby

Chairs: Olmo, Jesus (ESP) – Widdowson, Julian (UK)

Experiences from the Southern hemisphere – Roberts, Craig (RSA)

Muscle injuries inRugbyand Football – Melegati, Gianluca (ITA)

Experience from the Six nations – Batty, Phil (UK)

Young Athletes

Chairs: Lewin, Gary (UK) – Lewis, Steve (UK)

Young female football players – Servien, Elvire (FRA)

The young footballer – Biswas, Anita (UK)

Overuse injuries in young footballers – Volpi, Piero (ITA)

Injury Prevention

Chairs: Bender, Mark (UK) – Kerkhoffs, Gino (NED)

Injury prevention in football: FIFA 11+ - Mathieu, Nicolas (SUI)

The prevention of recurring muscle injuries – Tsapralis, Kyriakos (ITA)

Perfecting the rehabilitation process – Silvers, Holly (USA)

The role of the chiropractor – Cento, Franco (ITA)

The Spine and Muscular Injuries

Chairs: Cowie, Charlotte (UK) – Mayer, Michael (GER)

Lessons from Track & Field – Alonso, Juan Manuel (ESP)

Prolotherapy in footballers – Petrides, Simon (UK)

Which modality to choose and when – Lathey, Clive (UK)

Soft tissue injuries of the spine – Mayer, Michael (GER)

Physical Therapies for Muscle and Tendon Injuries

Chairs: Phillips, Nicola (UK) – Tzouroudis, Nikos (UAE)

The role of therapeutic exercises – Hambly, Karen (UK)

Physical therapies in rehabilitation – Kemp, Steve (UK)

Which modality to choose and when? – Glasgow, Phil (UK)

Experiences from bothSouth Africaand theUK– Diesel,Wayne(UK)

Loading Patterns during Training and Games

Chairs: Beasley, Ian (UK) – Hodgson, Roy (UK)

Loading patterns in football – Iga, John (UK)

Overtraining and overreaching in football – Banfi, Giuseppe (ITA)

Are there dangerous training loads for football players? – Sassi, Roberto (ITA)

Overload and musculoskeletal injuries in football – English,Bryan(UK)

How to prevent Fatigue in Football

Chairs: Drust, Barry (UK) – Narici, Marco (UK)

Fatigue as a risk factor for injuries – Bangsbo, Jens (DEN)

Post match fatigue and time course of recovery – Dupont, Gregory (FRA)

Fatigue and skill proficiency: implications for performance and injury in football – Vanrenterghem, Jos (UK)

Monitoring fatigue in football – Rampinini, Ermanno (ITA)

Practical Aspects

Chairs: Della Villa, Stefano (ITA) – English, Bryan (UK)

FIFA / F-Marc: concept of prevention – Dvorak, Jiri (SUI) – Mathieu, Nicholas (SUI)

On field tricks for functional recovery: strength and speed development – English,Bryan(UK) – Campbell, Darren (UK) – Knowles, Bill (USA)

On field tricks for return to play: sport specific movements – Stride,  Matthew (UK) – Buckthorpe, Matthew (UK) – Carlotti, Claudio (ITA)

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