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Conference 2012

The landscape

Chairs: Beasley, Ian (UK) - D'Hooghe, Michel (BEL)

Epidemiology of knee injuries in elite football players - Ekstrand, Jan (SWE)

Prevention Strategy - Dvorak, Jiri (SUI)

Surgical Strategy - Marcacci, Maurilio (ITA)

Post surgical strategy - Della Villa, Stefano (ITA)

Medial Collateral Ligament

Chairs: Church, Sam (UK) - Margheritini, Fabrizio (ITA)

MCL Injuries in Football - Medina, Daniel (ESP)

Conservative Treatment of MCL Injuries - Bell, Philip (UK)

Who Needs MCL Surgery? - Zorzi, Claudio (ITA)

Surgical Treatment of MCL Injuries - Williams, Andy (UK)

Prevention of medial column and other associative injuries 2012 - Mandelbaum, Bert (USA)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Chairs: Haddad, Fares (UK) - Lavelle, Jonathon (UK)

ACL Injuries in Elite Football - Walden, Markus (SWE)

ACL Surgery in Football Players - Neyret, Philippe (FRA)

Graft Options - Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

Anatomical acl reconstruction - a changing paradigm - Fu, Freddie (USA)

Customised Post Surgical Rehabilitation - Danelon, Furio (ITA)


Chairs: Delcogliano, Antonio (ITA) - Rosa, Donato (ITA)

Partial Meniscectomy and Repair - Lelli, Alessandro (ITA)

Meniscal Transplants - Verdonk, Peter (BEL)

Time related consequences for the treatment of meniscus and cartilage injuries in primary ACL reconstruction - Angele, Peter (GER)

Evidence based rehabilitation after meniscus injury or surgery in football players - Snyder-Mackler, Lynn (USA)


Surgery of Complex Lesions

Chairs: Adravanti, Paolo (ITA) - Spalding, Tim (UK)

Multiligament Injuries in Top Level Football Players - Benazzo, Francesco (ITA)

Combined ACL and MCL Reconstruction - Engebretsen, Lars (NOR)

Combined ACL and Cartilage Surgery - Gobbi, Alberto (ITA)


Extensor Mechanisms

Chairs: Higgins, Richard (UK) - Minola, Riccardo (ITA)

Anterior Knee Pain in Football - Dejour, David (FRA)

Patellofemoral Joint Surgery - Zaffagnini, Stefano (ITA)

Patellar Tendon and PRP - Cugat, Ramon (ESP)

Eccentrics, more than just 'strengthening'? - Diesel, Wayne (UK)



Chairs: Erggelet, Christoph (SUI) - Mithoefer, Kai (USA)

Cartilage Lesions in Football - Espregueira-Mendes, Joao (POR)

Surgical options for the treatment of articular cartilage lesions - Getgood, Alan (UK)

Mesenchymal Cells One Step - Giannini, Sandro (ITA)

Return to Sport - Kon, Elizaveta (ITA)

Cartilage: rehabilitation guidelines - Hambly, Karen (UK)


Knee Support Systems

Chairs: Brukner, Peter (UK) - Melegati, Gianluca (ITA)

Muscle-dynamic stabilisation -Serratosa, Luis (ESP)

Core Stability and Kinetic Chain -Konin, Jeff (USA)

Return to multi directional speed and agility (mdsa) for the joint compromised athlete - Knowles, Bill (USA)

Water exercises for training, conditioning, and rehabilitation - Killgore, Garry (USA)

Metabolic Support - Tsapralis, Kyriakos (ITA)


FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence - Case Reports

Chairs: Chalabi, Hakim (QAT) - Gurcharan, Singh (MAS) - Peterson, Lars (SWE)

Case Report from Italy - Tencone, Fabrizio (ITA)

High grade mcl lesion of an elite footballer treated with prp - Eirale, Cristiano (QAT)

ACL reconstruction: to do it, not do it or when to do it in young people? - Arroyo, Francisco (MEX)

Case Report from Algeria - Zerguini, Yacine (ALG)

Case Report from Brazil - Pedrinelli, Andrè (BRA)


Knee Injuries in Rugby

Chairs: Kemp, Simon (UK) - Walker, Andrew (UK)

Knee Injuries in Rugby Union: Epidemiology, Pathologies and Risk Factors - Brooks, John (UK) - Kemp, Simon (UK)

Rugby Injury Prevention: the New Zealand Experience Edwards, Tony (NZL)

Surgical Decision Making: Rugby Specific Issues - Webb, Jonathan (UK)

Knee injuries: returning rugby players to action - Olmo, Jesus (ESP)

Knee injuries in rugby: objective criteria for rehabilitation / return to play - Millson, Helen (UK)


Physiology & Biomechanics of the Knee

Chairs: Drust, Barry (UK) - Narici, Marco (UK)

Biomechanical analysis in injury prevention - Silvers, Holly J (USA)

Wearable Wireless Systems for the Rehabilitation of Football Players - Zunarelli, Pierpaolo (ITA)

An Integrated Analysis on nmes Training: A Strategy for Knee Injury? - D'Antona G (ITA)

Torsional Injuries of the Lower Limb: An Analysis of the Frictional Torque between different Types of Football Turf and the Shoe outsole - Smeets K, (BEL)

Monitoring of Muscle Activation Changes after Acl Surgery - Tramullas JA (SPA)

Isokinetic Seasonal Evaluations of professional Soccer players - Tramullas JA (SPA)


Physiotherapy for Knee Injuries

Chairs: Lewin, Gary (UK) - Schneider, Christian (GER)

Current Concepts in Knee Rehabilitation - Phillips, Nicola (UK)

Rehabilitation in Five Phases - Zanobbi, Marco (ITA)

Knee rehabilitation in the pool: why, when and how - Taddio N (ITA)

Long-term Effectiveness of ESWT in Jumper's Knee Treatment - Saggini R (ITA)

Deep hyperthermy for Knee pain After ACL Reconstruction and Meniscectomy: A Case Report

Rojas N (ESP)

Tecartherapy Treatment of patellar Tendinopathy - Ribeiro L (ESP)


Diagnosis and Imaging of the Knee in Football & Rugby

Chairs: Healy, Jerry (UK) - Nanni, Gianni (ITA)

10 Essential Points That You Need to Know About Knee MRI - Chan, Otto (UK)

Sports Radiology to Confirm or Refute the Diagnosis - Rogers, Ralph (UK)

MRI in articular surface lesions of the knee - Padron, Mario (ESP)


News in Orthopaedics for Footballers

Chairs: Axe, Michael (USA) - Berruto, Massimo (ITA)

Treatment of Knee Dislocation in Footballers - Panics, Gergely (HUN)

Early arthritis in the former football players - Volpi, Piero (ITA)

Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans in Young Players - Chomiak, Jiri (CZE)

Revision ACL reconstruction using controlateral hamstrings and extraarticular reconstruction - Ferretti, Andrea (ITA)


Epidemiology, Prevention and Functional Recovery

Chairs: Batty, Phil (UK) - Malliaropoulos, Nikos (GRE)

Worldwide implementation of the 11+ injury prevention programme - Bizzini, Mario (SUI)

Incidence of knee injuries in youth football players - Mayer, Michael (GER)

Effectiveness of an injury prevention program for Adult Male Soccer players - van Beijsterveldt (NL)

Injury patterns Among ghanaian Footballers during the 2009-2010 League - Season Quartey J (GA)

Youth national Italian Soccer Team Injury Study: a preliminary Survey - De Carli A (ITA)

Effects of hip Muscle Strength and Flexibility on Knee Valgus - DiStefano L (USA)


Queen Mary University of London SymposiumSurgical Challanges in the Footballers Knee

Cartilage Case Reports

Chairs: Maffulli, Nicola (UK) - Peterson, Lars (SWE)

Microfractures - Engebretsen, Lars (NOR)

TI under the session of surgical challenges in the football knee - Briggs, Tim (UK)

Scaffolds and Membranes - Kon, Elizaveta (ITA)

Open Questions on ACL

Chairs: Lavelle, Jonathon (UK) - Verdonk, Peter (BEL)

Who Needs an ACL Reconstruction? - Cugat Ramon (SPA)

Single Versus Double Bundle - Maffulli, Nicola (UK)

Debate: Ideal Graft? - King, John(UK)

MCL Injury Management

Chairs: t.b.d. - Snyder-Mackler, Lynn (USA)

MCL Injury and Conservative Treatment - Rhidian, Thomas (UK)

Return to play in a soccer player after acl two stage revisions with bone grafting and hto: a case report - Osti, Leonardo (ITA)

Post-Operative Rehabilitation - Morrissey, Dylan (UK)

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