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Conference 2012

Modalities & Rehabilitation

Chairs: Hambly, Karen (London, United Kingdom) - Zanobbi, Marco (Rimini, Italy)

High Intensity Laser Therapy Stimulates Cartilage Regrowth in human - Zati A (Bologna, Italy)

Superpulsed Laser and hyaluronic Acid therapy in the Conservative Approach to Knee pain in Football and Rugby players - Rando G (Alba, Italy)

Early Back to Football after ACL Reconstruction: Still an open Challenge - Marcheggiani Muccioli GM (Bologna, Italy)

Specific Exercises for Strength Recovery of Medial hamstrings after ACL Reconstruction - Zuppardo S (Grosseto, Italy)

Postural disorders and Related Knee Injuries in Football players - Zolezzi D (Genova, Italy)

Fear of Re-injury in Football players after ACL Reconstruction: Effect of Rehabilitation on the Field - Danelon F (Milan, Italy)

Efficacy of an Accelerate protocol in the Treatment of ACL Reconstruction in non-professional Athletes - Ribera A (Terrassa, Spain)

Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery after ACL Reconstruction - Calero (Seville, Spain)


Useful orthopaedic experiences for managing knee injuries of actual and former football players

Chairs: Axe Michael (Newark USA) - Konin Jeff (Tampa, USA)

Artimplant's Artelon Augmentation device in ACL Reconstruction - De Pamphilis (Giussano, Italy))

Morphological, phenotypical and Biochemical Study of an Engineered Cartilage Tissue from in Vitro to in Vivo - Deponti D (Milano, Italy))

Platelet-Rich plasma Treatments in Symptomatic patients with Knee osteoarthritis: a preliminary Report - Karnatzikos G (Milan, Italy)

Platelet-Rich plasma for Muscle healing: an in Vivo Experimental Study - Gigante A (Ancona, Italy)

The Impact of MRI Applied to the Cycle of Knee Joint Injuries Rehabilitation of Soccer players - Miceli M (Bologna, Italy)

Real-Time Sonoelastography in post-Traumatic Muscular Injuries - De Marchi A (Turin, Italy)

Molecular Mechanisms Induced by patellar Tendinopathy in Rats: protection by percutaneous Electrolysis Intra-Tissue - García-Herreros S (Barcelona Spain)

Microfrature treatment for ostechodral lesions of the medial femoral condyle associated with partial medial meniscectomy in soccer players: a 5 years follow-up functional results with and without hyaluronic acid - Osti L (Modena, Italy)

Non-Invasive Assessment of pivot-Shift Test in ACL Injury with Triaxial Accelerometer Kira - Gala L (Milano; and Bologna, Italy)

Artrhoscopic all inside reinsertion of anterior meniscal root with all-inside simplified technique: 3 case reports in soccer players - Osti L (Modena, Italy)


Functional assessment

Chairs: Narici, Marco (Derby, United Kingdom) - Roi, giulio Sergio (Bologna, Italy)

Soccer specific fatigue and knee stability in female youth players - De Ste Croix M (Gloucester and Cardiff, UK)

Functional assessment in professional football players - Brotto (Verona, Italy)

Isokinetic assessment of the knee in young football players - Leite P (Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal)

Isokinetic eccentric-concentric H:Q ratios in soccer players - Martelli (Florence, Italy)

Lower limb eccentric strength measurement reliability using a new ergometer - Susta D (Dublin, Ireland)

Reliability & validity of tests from the foundation movement & performance screen - Rashid S (London UK)

Interrator reliability of the functional movement screen - Cady K (Gloucester, UK)

The Roto-Translational Evaluator of the Knee - The new Reference unit - Pellis G (Trieste, Italy)


Case reports

Chairs: Boldrini Lorenzo (Milano, Italy) - Til i perez, Lluis (Barcelona, Spain)

Apophysitis: 'pain in the Knee'.A Success Story using Exercise Modification - Broman D (Manchester, UK)

Isolated PCL Injuries in young Football players: new Therapeutics Approach with platelet-ritch plasma - Di Gesù M (Palermo, Italy)

Osteonecrosis after Arthroscopic Meniscal Surgery in a Veteran Football player - Tsitas (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Functional Recovery in a Football player Affected by patellofemoral pain Syndrome - Baroli M (Verona, Italy)

Psychological Treatment during Rehabilitation in a young Football payer after ACL Reconstruction - Marcacci (Bologna, Italy)

Psychology and Rehabilitation after Knee Surgery: Integrated Approach Based on a Case Report - Giaveno M (Torino, Italy)

Neuromuscular Exercise program with ARKE after ACL Reconstruction in a Female Soccer player - Castagnetti A (Parma, Italy)

AposTherapy as Additional Tool in the Rehabilitation of ACL Tear in an Elite Footvolley player - Elbaz A (Herzliya, Israel)

Isolated Injuries to the LCL - Football Specific Mechanism of Injury and new Clinical Assessment - 'The Brighton Sign' - Webborn N (Brighton, UK)

On the Field Rehabilitation after ACL Surgery, Respecting Safe Rehabilitation "green Lights" - Carando S (Torino, Italy)

A Case of ACL Re-injury in Teenager Female Soccer player: play or Rest - Conforti M (Bergamo, Italy)

Return to play in a soccer player after ACL two stage revision with bone grafting and HTO: a case report - Osti (Modena, Italy)


Epidemiology and prevention

Chairs: Lewis, Steve (London, United Kingdom) - Respizzi, Stefano (Milano, Italy)

Dynamic Knee Valgus is Associated with youth Soccer player Sex And Age - Frank (Chapel Hill  USA)

Effect of Knee Injury prevention program on Specific Movement patterns in youth Soccer players -

Goto S (Chapel Hill USA)

Elite Soccer Athletes demonstrate gender differences in Trunk and hip Three-dimensional Cutting Strategies - Begalle R (Chapel Hill, USA)

Different Therapies Evaluated at Football players with Knee Arthritis - Tohaneanu AAA (Craiova, Romania)

Does a Targeted neuromuscular Warm-up prevent Injuries in Female Soccer players? A Review - Phillips TI (Cardiff, UK)

The Effect of Muscle Fatigue Induced in the Knee Joint position Sense in young Football players - Leite P (Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal)

Do young overweight Soccer players present Musculoskeletal Alterations? - De Giacomi G (Milano, Italy)

Injuries in youth Soccer players in a Season of a Brazilian First division Team - Herdy (Rio De Janeiro Brazil)

Knee Injuries in the Aironi Rugby during the 2010-11 Magner's League - Ferrari R (Bologna, Italy)

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