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Conference 2012

Useful orthopaedic experiences for managing knee injuries of actual and former football players: cartilage

Chairs: Gobbi, Alberto (Milano, Italy) - Steinwachs Matthias (Zürich, Switzerland)

Scientific Evidence of Cartilage Repair in Football players - Steinwachs MR (Zürich, Switzerland)

Arthroscopic Microdrilling and Atelocollagen gel for Cartilage Repairof the Knee - Shetty AA, (UK)

Rationale of biophysical stimulation of the knee cartilage in athletes - Massari L (Ferrara Italy)

The use of pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Symptomatic patients with degenerative Cartilage Lesions of the Knee: a preliminary Report Karnatzikos G (Milan, Italy)

Novel Bilayered Scaffolds for Treatment of osteochondral Lesions - Oliveira JM (Guimarães and Porto, Portugal)

Outcome of Autologous Matrix Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) in Cartilage Knee Surgery: data of the AMIC Registry - Gille J (Lübeck Germany)

Indications, Surgical Technique and Results of AMIC in Cartilage defects - Varoga D (Kiel, Germany)

Meniscus Allograft Transplantation in young people, with old Knees - Kempshall P (Coventry, UK)

Meniscus Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Strategies in highly prevalent Football Lesions - Pereira H (Porto and Guimarães, Portugal)


Useful orthopaedic experiences for managing knee injuries of actual and former football players: acl -1

Chairs: Brukner Peter (Liverpool UK) - De Carli, Angelo (Roma, Italy)

Intra-operative Validation of a novel Method dedicated to Quantify pivot-Shift phenomenon - Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy)

ACL Reconstruction with Lars Artificial Ligament: Review and Results at Medium Term Follow-up - Parchi P (Pisa, Italy)

Narrow Fabrics for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Replacement - Gloy Y (Aachen, Germany)

Does An Extra-Articular procedure Improve Clinical outcome in ACL Reconstruction with hamstrings in Female Football players? - Vadalà A (Rome, Italy)

Postoperative Evaluation of hamstring Strength Recovery and Tendon Regrowth after harvesting for ACL Reconstruction - Skarpas G (Athenes, Greece)

The Influence of IL-1beta on the Clinical outcome after ACL Surgery - Darabos N (Zagreb, Croatia)

All-Inside Anatomical ACL Reconstruction: Surgical Technique and preliminary Results - Buda R (Bologna, Italy)

Open vs Arthroscopic Surgical Treatment of Chronic proximal patellar Tendinopathy. A Systematic Review - Marcheggiani Muccioli GM (Bologna, Italy)


Epidemiology and prevention

Chairs: Eirale, Cristiano (Doha, Qatar) - Tencone, Fabrizio (Torino, Italy)

Functional diagnostics as a part of primary Injury prevention in Female Soccer players Conditioning - Grygorowicz M (Poznan, Poland)

History of hamstring Injuries is Associated with poor Control of Lumbar Extension - Mottram S (Chichester, UK)

Lower Extremity Fractures in Belgian Football players - Vanlommel L (Leuven, Belgium)

Epidemiological Study of Four Seasons in young Italian professional Footballers - Mura R (Cagliari, Italy)

Prospective Comparison of Biomechanics in ACL injured and healthy Athletes - Padua D (Chapel Hill USA)

The 11+ Advocacy Team Experience in Nigeria - Bakare U (Lagos Nigeria)

Knee Injuries in Elite professional Footballers: the Findings of one English premier League Team - Murray D (Manchester UK)

Functional Assessment of the Superficial Back Line in a professional Soccer Squad - Fevre D (Blackburn, UK)

Incidence and prognosticators for Injuries in Belgian Soccer players: Evolution over the past decade - Bollars P (Leuven, Belgium)

Innovative prevention program for Muscle Strains Based - Skarpas G (Athens, Greece)


Useful orthopaedic experiences for managing knee injuries of actual and former football players: acl-2

Chairs: De Carli, Angelo (Roma, Italy) - Chomiak, Jiri (Prague, Czech Republic)

Anatomic double Bundle Reconstruction vs non Anatomic Augmentation Surgery in the Treatment of partial ACL Tears: A Comparative Study - Buda R (Bologna, Italy))

Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction Technique produces a Better Clinical Result by Affecting the Tunnel Widening - Darabos N (Zagreb, Croatia)

Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction not for All: a MRI Study - Tzoanos G (Heraklion, Greece)

Anatomic Single-Bundle vs double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction for Football players: Which procedure Works Best? - Skarpas G (Athenes, Greece)

Clinical outcome of Anatomic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction - Getgood A (Coventry, UK)

Return to Competitions: Functional outcome 24 Months from Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction - Schäferhoff P (Cologne, Germany)

Revision ACL Reconstruction: the French Experience - Trojani CH (Nice, France)


University College Of London Symposium

Chairs: Haddad, Fares London, United Kingdom) - Patel, Rahul (London, United Kingdom)

The genetics of Sports performance: past, Current and Future Research at the Institute for Sort and Exercise Medicine UCL - Rawal, Jay and Montgomery, Hugh (London, United Kingdom)

Attitudes to Sport and Rehabilitation: Influence on outcome following ACL Reconstruction - Oussedik, Sam (London, United Kingdom)

The Control of Swelling after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction - Paton, Bruce (London, United Kingdom)

Physiotherapy: A green Flag Approach to Accelerated Knee Rehabilitation - Thawley, Paul (London, United Kingdom)

Strength and Conditioning: A green Flag Approach to Rehabilitative Conditioning - Rosenblatt, Ben (London, United Kingdom)

The Impact of an Acute Knee Clinic on the outcome of Knee Injuries - Haddad, Fares (London, United Kingdom)


FA Symposium The landscape of OA in ex footballers

Chairs: Batt, Mark (Nottingham, United Kingdom) - Beasley, Ian (London, United Kingdom)

An Ex-player's perspective - Brooking, Trevor (London, United Kingdom)

Epidemiology of OA in Football - what is Known - Dvorak, Jiri (Zurich, Switzerland)

The genetics of OA in footballers - Spector, Tim (London, United Kingdom)

Are there other pre-disposing Factors to Consider? - King, John (London, United Kingdom)

Secondary prevention for Chondral Lesions & post Knee - Volpi, Piero (Milan, Italy)

Medical Treatment of oA in the Footballer's Knee - Cowie, Charlotte (London, United Kingdom)

New Concepts in Surgical Intervention - Cannon, Steve (London, United Kingdom)

New pathways and Research Agenda - Fuller, Colin (London, United Kingdom)


Orthopaedics for the football players

Chairs: Bell, Jonathan (London, United Kingdom) - Mithoefer, Kai (Chestnut Hill, USA))

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction in Football Players - Tsoukas D (Athens; Greece)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery in Professional Soccer Players- Batista J (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Four Stranded Anatomical Single Bundle Technique Using both Autograft and a Biomimetic Graft for Primary ACL Reconstruction. A Novel Technique for Elite Football Players - Alevrogiannis S (Athens, Greece)

Porto-Knee Testing Device: Improving MRI Assessment of Rotational Laxity in ACL-Deficient Knees in Football Players - Pereira H (Porto Portugal)

Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation in osteochondral Knee and Ankle Injuries in young Athletes - Cortese F (Verona, Italy)

Patella Tendonitis: Experiences of one English premier League Club - Jain N (Manchester UK)

The use of prolotherapy in Medial Collateral Ligament Injuries of The Knee: the Findings of one English premier League Team - Murray D (Manchester, UK)

Efficacy of an ultrasound guided percutaneous Electrolysis Intratendon (EpI) in the Treatment of patellar Tendinopathy in Football players - Sánchez-Ibáñez JM (Barcelona Spain)


Case report

Chairs: Bianchedi, Diana (Roma, Italy) - Konin, Jeff (Tampa, USA)

Treatment of Knee Related Muscular Lesions with Fp3 - Laser and Focused Shock Wave Therapy in Football - Roth R (Essen, Germany)

Knee Cartilage defects: Return to professional Soccer after hTo and Microfracture - Schäferhoff P (Cologne, Germany)

Traumatic patellar Tendon Avulsion Following ACL Reconstruction in an Elite Football player: a case report - Bizzotto N (Verona, Italy)

Occidental and oriental principles used in Knee Rehabilitation - Tohaneanu AAA (Craiova, Romania)

Common peroneal nerve palsy in a Football player after a Knee Injury - Bevoni R (Bologna, Italy)


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