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Conference 2011
From "Medicine for Football" to "Football for Health"

: Marchetti PG (ITA), Peterson L (SVE)

Prevention and injury management in a football team - Mandelbaum B (USA)

Football injuries during the World Cup - Junge A (CH)

Is football healthy and can health be improved by playing football? - Dvorak J (CH)


The ankle of the football player

Chairs: Giannini S (ITA), Zerguini Y (ALG)

Prevention and treatment of ankle impingement - Van Dijk N (NED)

Evolution of treatment for osteochondral injuries in the footballer's ankle - Giannini S (ITA)

Football shoes and injury prevention - Walther M (GER)

Conservative and post operative rehabilitation of the footballer's ankle - Melegati G (ITA)


Muscle injuries in football

Chairs: Nanni G (ITA), Schneider C (GER)

Muscle injuries in elite football players - Ekstrand J (SVE)

Clinical monitoring - Tencone F (ITA)

Treatment and return to competition - Olmo J (SPA)


Tendinopathies and overload pathologies in football

Chairs: Gobbi A (ITA), Quaglia F (ITA)

How to prevent tendon overload in modern football-Volpi P (ITA)

Treatment with growth factors-Cugat R (SPA)

Surgical options-Maffulli N (UK)

Eccentric exercise for tendinopathies-Snyder-Mackler L (USA)


News in the treatment of knee injuries

Chairs: Delcogliano A (ITA), Rosa D (ITA)

Gene therapy in football injuries - Castellacci E (ITA)

ACL injuries: from diagnosis to return to competition - Danelon F (ITA)

Cartilage injuries and articular biological reconstructions - Marcacci M (ITA)

Return to play after cartilage surgery - Kon E (ITA)


Managing chondropenia in the former football player

Chairs: Adravanti P (ITA), Zorzi C (ITA)

Football, arthritis and lifestyle - Minola R (ITA)

Managing meniscal injuries during the life of the football player - Berruto M (ITA)

The evolution of chondropenia: surgery or not? - Mithoefer K (USA)

Prosthetic solutions for an active life - Lelli A (ITA)


Injuries of the young football player

Chairs: Benazzo F (ITA), Zaffagnini S (ITA)

Injury prevention in young football players - Konin J (USA)

Knee surgery in the adolescent player - Margheritini F (ITA)

ACL injuries in young players - Angele P (GER)


The hip and groin pain of the football player

Chairs: Avondo S (ITA), Combi F (ITA)

Prevention and treatment of groin pain - Tzouroudis N (GRE)

Femoro-acetabular impingement: arthroscopy and rehabilitation - Zini R (ITA)

Is it possible to return to play after hip arthroprosthesys? - Confalonieri N (ITA)


News in management of football injuries

Chairs: Axe M (USA), Perugia D (ITA)

Injuries in German Professional Football - aus der Fünten K (GER)

Cartilage lesions and arthritic knee in footblall players - Espregueira-Mendes J (POR)

ACL reconstruction in skeletally immature atlete - Regusci M (QAT)

Arthroscopy in football players - Mazzola C (ITA)


The spine of the football player

Chairs: Fabrizi A (ITA), Respizzi S (ITA)

Back pain in football players - Wondrasch B (AUT)

Conservative approach to back pain - Freschi M (ITA)

Lumbar disc operations in professional players - Mayer M (GER)

Lumbar disc rehabilitation in professional players - Tomaello L (ITA)

Back and posture in the football player - De Nicola A (ITA)


Surgical techniques and post-surgery rehabilitation in football

Chairs: Ferretti A (ITA), Marelli B (ITA)

Return to sport in young soccer players after severe osteochondral disease - Cané P (ITA)

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation and rehabilitation for the football player - Van Assche D (BEL)

Navigated ACL reconstruction and lateral tenodesis - De Carli A (ITA)

Multiple articular reconstruction of the knee in football players - Lelli A (ITA)

ACL multiple revisions with tendinous allografts - Buda R (ITA)

ACL reconstruction with or without concomitant internal meniscus repair in elite football players: a 25yrs follow-up - Guillen P (SPA)


Functional assessment and biomechanics

Chairs: Narici MV (UK), Rahnama N (Isfahan, Iran)

Assessment of balance capacities - Alberti G (ITA)

Biomechanical analysis of femoro-acetabular impingement - Berti L (ITA)

Biomechanics of sport-specific movement: review of the literature - Ponteggia F (ITA)

News in the clinincal evaluation of ACL rupture - Di Turi RP (ITA)


Diagnostic imaging for the football player

Moderators: Monti C (ITA), Zunarelli C (ITA)

What does the radiology tell us? - Faletti C (ITA)

MRI and clinical decisions - Miceli M (ITA)

MRI in the footballer's ankle - Padron M (SPA)

MRI and muscle incurie - Staebler A (GER)

Diagnostic ultrasonography of muscolotendinous incurie - Galletti S (ITA)


Modalities and manual therapies for the football player

Chairs: Buselli P (ITA), Miglio D (ITA)

The role of the chiropractor in the management of the player - Cento F (ITA)

Manual therapies and massage - Salsi A (ITA)


Medico-legal aspects in football

Chairs Diez C (SPA), Vasapollo D (ITA)

Medico-legal experience in Spanish football - Serratosa L (SPA)

Insurances and costs of functional recovery - Zunarelli P (ITA)

Medico-legal aspects of professional football - Bruno GL (ITA)

Preparticipation Screening for Competitive Football: the Italian - Zeppilli P (ITA)


The female football player

Chairs: Bianchedi D (Roma, Italy) e Silvers H (Santa Monica, USA)

Prevention of injuries in female players - Silvers H (USA)

Does rehabilitation differ for female football players? - Hambly K (London,UK)

Injuries in different menstural cycles in female football players - Bambaecichi E (Isfahan,Iran)


Flexibility and muscular strength of the football player

Chairs: Eirale C (Doha, Qatar), Til i Perez LL (Barcelona, Spain)

Flexibility and strength of football player - Rahnama N (Isfahan,Iran)

Stretching and postures - Fazzini D (ITA)

Strenghtening in open and closed kinetic chains - Zanobbi M (ITA)


Football at altitude

Chairs: Cogo A (ITA), Narvaez G (ECU)

Effects of altitude on football performances - Bärtsch P (GER)

Living and playing football at altitude - Narvaez G (ECU)

World Championships at altitude - Eirale C (QAT)

Acclimatization and training at altitude - Arroyo F (MEX)

A comparison of physiological responses to normoxic and hypoxic exercise in International footballers.England's Altitude Preparation for the World Cup - Sumners DP (London,UK)

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