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Conference 2011
News in othopedics applied to football

Chairs: Iacono F (Bologna, Italy), Tudisco C (Roma, Italy)

Meniscal ossicle with medial femoral condyle cartilage lesion in a professional football player - Sonnery-Cottet B (Lyon,France)

Meniscal lesions treated with all-inside suture at minimum 3 years of follow up in young active patients - Lovati S (Roma,Italy)

Arthroscopic stabilization of first time and recurrent anterior shoulder instability - De Biase CF (Roma,Italy)

Artrhroscopic treatment of antero-lateral ankle impingement in football players - Osti (Modena,Italy)

Arthroscopic treatment of the arthrtis ankle of the football player at the end of his career: is it worth? - Osti L (Modena,Italy)


News in tendon pathologies of football players and treatment with prp

Chairs: Filardo G (Bologna, Italy), Maffulli N (London, UK)

Relationship between ultrasonographic tendon structure disorganisation and the severity of symptoms - de Vos R (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Ultrasonography in sportsmen's patellar tendinopathy treated with PRP - Pelotti (Bologna,Italy)

Clinical results in treatment of chronic Achilles tendinopathy with platelet-rich plasma - Bevoni (Bologna,Italy)

Effects of platelet-rich plasma on ultrasonographic findings in chronic midportion achilles tendinopathy - Tol JL (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)


News in acl reconstruction for football players

Chairs: Arnaldi E (Milano, Italy), Risi M (Bologna, Italy)

Reconstruction of ACL using ligament advanced reiforcement system in football player - Antonelli S, (Potenza,Italy)

Is the age of40 areal limit for ACL reconstruction in football players? - Osti L (Modena,Italy)

Return to pre-injury activity level of football players after ACL reconstruction - Franceschi (Roma,Italy)

Does chronic medial collateral ligament laxity influence ACL reconstruction? - Marcheggiani Muccioli GM (Bologna,Italy)

Muscle strength assessment in football players after ACL reconstruction - Broccatelli (Roma,Italy)


News in cartilage repair of football players

Chairs: Delcogliano M (Roma, Italy), Vannini F (Bologna, Italy)

T2 mapping MRI characterization of cartilage in the ankle joint after bone marrow-derived cells transplantation - Battaglia M (Bologna,Italy)

Mid-term results of Autologous Matrix Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) for treatment of focal cartilage defects in the knee - Gille (Luebeck,Germany)

Return to sports activity after unicompartimental knee arthroplasty - Lo Presti M (Bologna,Italy)

Trufit scaffold for osteochondral defects of knee - Zmerly (Bologna,Italy)

Novel nano-composite biomaterial used as salvage procedure for treatment of osteochondral lesions - Delcogliano M (Roma, Italy)


Surgical techniques and post-surgery rehabilitation in football

Chairs: Ferretti A (ITA), Marelli B (ITA)

Indications and benefits of cryo-compression therapy in the football athlete - Mithoefer K (Boston,USA)

Assessment of knee stability after ACL reconstruction in amateur football players - Tudisco C (Roma,Italy)

Autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty in a football population - Pànics G (Budapest,Hungary)


Functional assessment in football

Chairs: Berti L (Bologna, Italy), Cicchella A (Bologna, Italy)

Field test in football players after ACL reconstruction - De Ioannon G (Roma,Italy)

Analysis of torsional movements of the knee and injury prevention in football players - Sepulcri L (Udine,Italy)

Knee joint position sense is not decreased by football match-induced fatigue - Brito J (Porto,Portugal)

Balance: a dynamic elastomeric fabric orthosis and rehabilitation - Sawle L (Cornwall,UK)

The effect of plyometrics on performance and muscle function in professional football - Gransier R (Maastricht, The Nederlands)


Functional assessment and biomechanics

Chairs: Narici MV (UK), Rahnama N (Isfahan, Iran)

The goniometric angle and the knee angle: the correction factor - Pellis G (Trieste,Italy)


Modalities and manual therapies for the football player

Chairs: Buselli P (ITA), Miglio D (ITA)

Early complicance of muscle sprains in professional footballers treated with resistitive and capacity energy transfer hyperthermia - Vetro A (Palermo,Italy)

Shockwave therapy of adductor related groin pain in football players - Frairia (Torino,Italy)

FP3 system laser-therapy super intensive protocol for muscle lesions retriva - Benedini (Mantova,Italy)

Treatment of muscular injuries by high energy laser with cryotherapy - Lazzaroni A (Brescia,Italy)

Endotherapic system in association with transdermal infiltration system in the treatment of trauma to internal gastrocnemius in football players - Pastore A (Venezia,Italy)

Management of low back pain of the football playerrapy - Romano F (Lausanne,Switzerland)


Sports medicine applied to football

Chairs: Rahnama N (USA), Vassallo G (Genova)

Football players and supplements overuse: contrast between different leagues - Seif Barghi (Tehran,Iran)

Circulating stem cells in adolescent football players and in sedentary subjects - D'Ascenzi (Siena,Italy)

Quality and content of information about common football injuries on Persian websites - ShahHoseini N (Tehran,Iran)

Prevalence of septic arthritis after ACL reconstruction among professional and non professional athletes - Sonnery-Cottet B (Lyon,France)

Injury incidence and characteristics of Iranian premier football league references - Kordi (Theran, Iran)

Injuries of peroneal malleolus in young football players: contusion or physeal fracture? - Bizzotto N (Vicenza,Italy)

Ultrasound and MRI examination of rectus femoris tears in teen-agers - Di Lorenzo (Benevento,Italy)

Injuries of the rectus femoris indirect tendon in football players - Gemignani M (Viareggio,Italy)


The role of the team physician by ECOSEP

Chairs: Malliaropoulos N (GRE), Pelliccia A (ITA)

The initial assessment of an athlete on the field - Malliaropoulos N (GRE)

Traumatic injuries pitch side - Tsapralis A (ITA)

The unconscious atlete - English B (UK)

Aarhythmias during practice - Pelliccia A (ITA)


Prevention of injuries in football

Chairs: Della Frera W (Crema, Italy), Tencone F (Torino, Italy)

Innovative prevention injury program for Olympiakos FC football Academy- U20 & U17 teams  - Alevrogiannis S (Athens,Greece)

Preventive functional assessment of a non-professional football team - Patroni (Brescia,Italy)

Functional assessment for injury prevention in football - Sillistrini G (Brescia,Italy)

Reduction of seasonal injuries by serial DXA body composition measurements in high level football players - Causarano A (Siena,Italy)

The role of shoes and turfs on the injuries of the foot of the football player - Rando G (Alba,Italy)

The FIFA 11+ is effective in preventing injuries also in basketball - Longo (Roma,Italy)


The female football player

Chairs: Bianchedi D (Roma, Italy) e Silvers H (Santa Monica, USA)

A case of ankylosing spondilitis in female football player - Conforti M (Milano,Italy)

Physiological characteristics and match energy expenditure in female football players - Sproviero E  (Lauria,Italy)


Flexibility and muscular strength of the football player

Chairs: Eirale C (Doha, Qatar), Til i Perez LL (Barcelona, Spain)

Vitamin D and physical performance in football players - Sala M (Doha, Quatar)

Eccentric training: muscle architecture and isometric torque in young footballers - Tsitas K, (Thessaloniki,Greece)


News in rehabilitation of football players

Chairs: Gavioli C (Modena, Italy), Pillastrini P (Bologna, Italy)

New methods and new physiotherapy rehabilitation tools for the back pain of football players - Speziale F (Bologna,Italy)

Effectiveness of a Global Postural Reeducation program for persistent low back pain - Bonetti F, (Bologna, Roma;Italy)

Assessment and treatment of the groin pain and biomechanical postural syndrome of football players Matarazzo (Avellino, Napoli;Italy)

Comprehensive approach to the groin pain in footballers - Bulfoni (Lavagna,Italy)

Functional assessment of the lower quadrant in footballers affected by groin pain - Valli P (Bergamo,Italy)

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