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Conference 2010

Surgical and after surgery techniques functional oriented

Chairs: Buda R (Bologna, Italy), Chiozzi F (Roma, Italy)

Functional recovery after ACL reconstruction in patients over 40 - Broccatelli M (Roma,Italy)

The role of nanohydroxyapatite-based bone graft substitute in preventing tunnel enlargement after ACL reconstruction with hamstrings: MRI study - Vadalà A (Roma,Italy)

Total knee replacing: isokinetic evaluation - Caldarella E (Milano,Italy)

Two stage treatment of ACL reconstruction failure associated with abnormal tunnel widening and varus arthritis - Osti L (Modena,Italy)

Accelerated rehabilitation after hip and knee prosthesys: myth or reality - Galimberti G (Milano,Italy)


Methods of assessment of functional outcomes

Chairs: Galilea P (Barcelona, Spain), Konin J (Tampa, USA)

Biomechanical evaluation of the tibialis anterior muscle-tendon complex after ankle injury - Gobbo M (Brescia,Italy)

Functional and kinematic evaluation of trunk and neck movements by a new and compact optoelectronic unit - Bissolotti L (Brescia,Italy)

Reliability of a new system usable on the field for analyzing the kinematics of walking - Totti V (Bologna,Italy)

Variable center of rotation concerning the physiological motion of the knee theorem - Pellis G (Trieste,Italy)

ACL reconstructive techniques produce variations in the pattern of ballistic activation? - Bisciotti GN (Pontremoli,Italy;Doha,Qatar)

Kinematic analysis of the sprint of young soccer players with and without ball - Ciapparelli C (Milano,Italy)

Assessment and rehabilitation of functional ankle instability - Gioftsidou A (Duth,Greece)

Effects of two different protocols of balance training in elite basketball players - Armenise M (Milano,Italy)

Balance, vertical jump and speed of the first step of a sprint in young players - Boccolini G (Milano,Italy)

Sprint and running rhythm in basketball players - Pizi G (Milano,Italy)

Spike speed and strength indicators in different categories of volleyball players - Mattiroli A (Milano,Italy)

Psychometric properties of the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand outcome measure (DASH) - Franchignoni F (Veruno,Pavia,Italy)


Isokinetic of assessment of functional outcomes

Chairs: Freschi M (Milano, Italy), Freschi M (Milano, Italy), Til i Perez LL (Barcelona, Spain)

Isokinetic assessment of shoulder internal and external rotations in high level athletes - Oliete F (S. Cugat del Velles,Spain)

Isokinetic comparison of shoulder internal-external rotations between waterpolo and volley players - Linde X (Barcelona,Spain)

Isokinetic evaluation of the knee in high level athletes - Papoutsidakis E (S. CugatDelValles,Spain)

Isokinetic knee evaluation between professional field hockey and soccer players - Papoutsidakis E (S. CugatDelValles,Spain)

Complete functional recovery after ACL reconstruction: importance of the isokinetic assessment at discharge - Fasolini D (Milano,Italy)

Functional assessment after rupture of the Achilles tendon - Mola E (Bologna,Italy)



Chairs: Lisitano G (Messina, Italy), Narvaez G (Gayaquil, Ecuador)

Timing of recovery and functional outcomes in a sport population after Achilles tenorraphy - Sacchi A (Milano,Italy)

Back pain, rehabilitation and cycling - Balboni A (Bologna,Italy)

The role of diagnostic imaging in the management of rheumatic diseases presenting as sportsrelated injuries - Miceli M (Bologna,Italy)

Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire: application for assessing functional outcomes in patients with low back pain - Cantoni S (Milano,Italy)

Return to sport: which evaluation for decision making? - Angelozzi M (L'Aquila,Italy)

Organizing the functional outcome - Perini P (Milano,Italy)

Functional outcomes of home based protocol of exercises for shoulder pathology - Rivaroli S (Milano,Italy)

Multifrequency Lasertherapy FP3 system for treatment of Achilles tendon overload pathologies - Parra PF (Bergamo,Italy)


Women, sport and functional outcome

Chairs: Bianchedi D (Roma, Italy), Servadei MA (Bologna, Italy)

Assessment of the athletic and performance profile of two groups of elite figure skaters - Dellerma N (Milano,Italy)

Recurrent muscle injuries and celiac disease: case report of a female soccer player - Grande D (Roma,Italy)

Strength, flexibility and heart rate in women practicing karate - Gollin M (Torino,Italy)

Patellar subluxation in a young tennis player: clinical and functional outcomes - Bertelli A (Verona,Italy)

An unespected complication after hip prosthesis re-replacement: clinical case - Galimberti G (Milano,Italy)

On muscle, tendon and high heels - Csapo R (Vienna,Austria;Manchester,UK)

How to assess the functional outcome after total hip artroprostesis - Pecchio O (Torino,Italy)

How to improve the functional outcome of the ankle in an asymptomatic atlete - Casalis M (Torino,Italy)

ACL injuries: functional assessment and injury prevention for female basketball players - Graziani E (Roma,Italy)


Tecniche di esercizio terapeutico

Chairs: Brotto E (Verona, Italy), Gonzales Iturri JJ (Pamplona, Spain)

Riabilitazione dopo artroscopia d'anca: migliorare la forza del core e la riabilitazione - Marcon M (Cittadella, Italy)

Analytic stretching and ball speed in young football players  - Bonfanti L (Milano,Italy)

Balance capacity and efficacy of shoot of goal in elite young soccer players - Moranda M (Milano,Italy)

Risultato funzionale del trattamento riabilitativo di calciatori operati di ricostruzione del LCA: confronto tra trapianti con tendine rotuleo e con semitendinoso-gracile - Pisoni D (Milano, Italy)

Different kind of stair sprint: evaluation of heart rate and lactate - Telli R (Milano,Italy)

Neuromuscular rehabilitation with computerized platform - Brotto E (Verona,Italy)


Functional outcome e prevenzione

Chairs: Alberti G (Milano, Italy), Bizzini M (Zurich, Switzerland)

Protein intake and lean body mass increment - Casiraghi E (Milano,Italy)

Goals scored in Italian Series A during the final of the match - Pugliese L (Milano,Italy)

Three-dimensional analysis of active cervical movements in rugby players - Turci MC (Milano,Italy)

Use of Balance training to improve performance in young basketball players - Brazzit A (Milano,Italy)

Training of respiratory muscles in high-school students - Corbetta V (Milano,Italy)

Blood lactate and heart rate in the slalom and in the jump test - Losa A (Milano,Italy)

Energetic expenditure: differences between some training methods in two footballers - Sarcinella R (Milano,Italy)


Case reports and protocols

Chairs: Boldrini L (Milano, Italy), Til i Perez LL (Barcelona, Spain)

Muscular strengthening with biomechanically designed machines optimises the functional outcomes of a back pain rehabilitation process: a case report - De Caneva F (Barcelona,Spain)

Groin pain in soccer player: case report - Acquaviva R (Bologna,Italy)

Functional recovery after muscle injury in a soccer player - Sarli E (Cosenza,Italy)

Soccer's recurrent hamstrings injuries prognosis by magnetic resonance imaging - Yanguas X (S. Cugat Del Valles,Spain)

PRP treatment of bilateral chronic patellar tendinopathy - Zavalloni C (Rimini,Italy)

Return to competition of an elderly alpine skier after tibial plateau fracture - Bressan A (Venezia,Italy)

Return to Alpine skiing after fracture of the femur and tibial plateau - Praticò S (Milano,Italy)

Postsurgical rehabilitation of a patient who suffered a serious injury of the forearm -GherghinaFL(Craiova,Romania)

Rehabilitation protocol for return to professional sport after traffic injury: case report - Tsapralis K (Bologna,Italy)

Functional outcomes after multifragmentary fracture of the patella - Accardi S (Milano,Italy)

Case report: functional recovery after revision surgery of ACL, meniscal transplant with allograft - Comi S (Mlano,Italy)

Return to competitions within 90 days of a semiprofessional football player - Praticò S (Milano,Italy)


How to improve functional Outcome with manual therapies

Chairs: Biondi A (Roma, Italy), Salsi A (Bologna, Italy)

Knee prosthesis surgery: the meaning of Manual Lymphatic Drain - Galimberti G (Milano,Italy)

The use of the Dr. Maigne's star in the functional evaluation of pain and mobility of the spine - Cento F (Torino,Italy)

Manual therapy after sacro-iliac disfunction - Di Filippo L (Alessandria,Italy)

Fascial manipulation in subjects suffering from non-specific back pain - Morelli M (Bologna,Italy)

The McKenzie treatment of low back pain in non professional athletes: a functional evaluation of results on isokinetic dynamometer - Bissolotti L (Brescia, Italy)


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