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Conference 2010

How to optimize functional outcome with hydrokinesitherapy

Chairs: Inglese F (Forlì, Italy), Vassallo GM (Genova, Italy)

On land therapy versus hydrotherapy in anterior cruciate ligament lesions - Matarazzo G (Napoli,Italy)

Groin pain: recovery starts in pool - Fazzini D (Bologna,Italy)

An acceleration of rehabilitation process by hydrokinesitherapy with use of PNF method. A Case report - Podlasinska M (Warsaw,Poland)


Invited Lecture

Chairs: Roi GS (Bologna, Italy), Tesio L (Milano, Italy)

Muscle weakness as a functional outcome of sarcopenia - Narici MV (Manchester,UK)


How to optimize functional outcome with exercises for neuromuscular recovery

Chairs: Pillastrini P (Bologna, Italy), Tesio L (Milano, Italy)

Proprioception training functionally oriented - Tibaudi A (Genova,Italy)

Patient suffering from stroke, treated with MRP - Davelli S (Rozzano,Italy)

Surgery versus non-surgery in Anterior Cruciate Ligament lesions - Grosso E (Napoli,Italy)

Improvement of postural stability after functional training with PNF method: a case report - Podlasinski M (Warsaw,Poland)

Muscular recovery in the case of weakness after ACL reconstruction - Patroni P (Brescia,Italy)

Functional diagnosis and in-season treatment of shoulder girdle impairmants in a young kayaker: a team approach - Baroni R (Varese,Italy)


How to optimize functional outcome with innovative modalities

Chairs: Buselli P (Milano, Italy), Miglio D (Brescia, Italy)

Functional Outcome in treatment of elite dancer's stress fractures using Extracorpereal Shock Wave Therapy - Vitali M (Milano,Italy)

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy in recreative sportsmen's plantar fasciitis - Andria G (Napoli,Italy)

Improvement of stance control and muscle performance induced by focal muscle vibration in young-elderly women - Camerota F (Roma,Italy)

High Energy Laser Nd-YAG + cryotherapy for shoulder tendinopathies - Ringhini P (Brescia,Italy)

Laser therapy FP3 system associated with active exercise in partial lesions of the rotator cuff - Benedini M (Verona,Italy)

Early efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the management of grade III and IV lesions of the articular cartilage of the knee - Osti L (Modena, Italy)

Hyaluronate injection in the Achilles tendonitis treatment: a preliminary study - Magrin P (Udine,Italy)

Functional improvement 6 months after total knee arthtroprostesis - Porcini P (Lausanne, CH)

Clinical effects of the therapy method deep oscillation in treatment of sports injuries - Aliyev R (Gummersbach,Germany)


Methods of assessment of functional outcomes

Chairs: Narici M (Manchester, UK), Ponteggia F (Terni, Italy)

Assessment of functional outcomes in patello-femoral rehabilitation - Sillistrini G (Brescia,Italy)

Can we improve the reliability of the Constant Score? - Blonna D (Torino,Italy)

Functional outcome of the ACL reconstruction: kinematics assessment of the knee flexion motion at the landing phase of the one-legged hop for distance test - Benito J (Madrid,Spain)

Monitoring training load in soccer by RPE and heart rate - Spedicato M (Lecce,Italy)

Functional body composition by bioelectrical impedance analysis in football players: top level vs medium level - Levi Micheli M (Lecce,Italy)

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of AOFAS, Kaikkonen Scale, LEFS and FFI for use in Italian-speaking patients with ankle complaints - Marini ML (Ravenna,Italy)

Efficiency of group rehabilitation treatment for patients with hip arthroprosthesis: Functional outcomes in acute phase - Benini C (Milano,Italy)

Low-density high-surface-area electromyography of the hamstring muscles during different tasks and injury presentations - Morrissey D (London,UK)

Assesment after a year of 60 cases of ACL reconstruction - Zuppardo S (Grosseto,Italy)

A real-time 3D motion capture technique to evaluate the trajectory of the body centre of mass as the functional outcome after locomotor intervention and rehabilitation - Minetti AE (Milano,Italy)


Surgical and after surgery techniques functional oriented

Chairs: Cané P (Rimini, Italy), Perugia D (Roma, Italy)

Achilles tendon rupture: our experience with percutaneous technique - Pignatti G (Bologna,Italy)

Percutaneous treatment of tendons ancore with Hyalgan - Piazzolla CM (Barletta,Italy)

Microfrature treatment for ostechodral lesions of the medial femoral condyle in athletes: a medium term follow-up of functional results with and without hyaluronic acid - Osti L (Modena,Italy)

Restoration of the terminal extension of the elbow in high level athletes - Blonna D (Torino,Italy)

Ankle arthroscopy - Cavallo M (Bologna, Italy)

Better and faster functional outcome in young patients with traumatic vertebral fracture treated with kyphoplasty with calcium phosphate cement - Rigotti S (Verona,Italy)

The role of platelet rich plasma in bone graft integration after ACL reconstruction - De Carli A (Roma,Italy)

Tunnel widening in ACL reconstruction with hamstrings: the state-of-the-art - Vadalà A (Roma,Italy)

The role of the medial patello-femoral ligament - Cortese F (Verona,Italy)


How to optimize functional outcome with therapeutic exercises

Chairs: Vernazza D (Milano, Italy), Zanobbi M (Rimini, Italy)

Eccentric training: a proposal for injury prevention and functional rehabilitation - Sassi R (Barcelona,Spain)

Mental training and functional rehabilitation - Tohaneanu AA (Craiova,Romania)

Core stability: clinical and functional aspects applied to upper limb - Inglese F (Forlì,Italy)

Biomechanics of ankle supports: the solution? - Cargalli E (Zeulenroda,Germany)

Functional rehabilitation with use of PNF method in older tennis player after capoplastic hip surgery: a case report - Podlasinski M (Warsaw,Poland)

Functional outcome between ADLs recovery and resumption of performances: The amateur athlete - Cavallin R (Milano,Italy)

The functional rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction with double bundle method - Krzyzak L (Warsaw,Poland)

Timely approach and splinting: How to improve the functional outcome in hand rehabilitation - Brunetti S (Milano,Italy)

Manage and improve functional outcome: the isokinetic mode - Parolin M (Cittadella, Italy)


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