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Conference 2009

The requests of the athlete: "...will I still be able to play at professional level?"

Chairs: Marchetti PG (ITA), Minola R (ITA)

The requests of the prosessional athlete - Nanni G (ITA)

Incidence and evolution of the injuries - De Carli A (ITA)

Possible treatment strategies - Marcacci M (ITA)


Chairs: Giannini S (ITA), Ferretti A (ITA)

Return to sport: biological limits - Facchini A (ITA)

Return to sport: scientific evidence - Mithoefer K (ITA)

Return to sport: functional assessment - Danelon F (ITA)

Return to sport: spychological aspects - Della Villa S (ITA)


Treatment strategies for cartilage injury in the professional athlete

Chairs: Avondo S (ITA), Rosa D (ITA)

Chondrocyte transplant - Berruto M (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol - Hambly K (UK)

Mesenchymal cells and growth factor - Gobbi A (ITA)

One step surgery with steam-cells - Giannini S (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol - Boldrini L (ITA)

Surgical choices for patellofemoral joint - Zaffagnini S (ITA)


Chairs: Perugia D(ITA), Zunarelli PP (ITA)

Resumption of weightbearing in the pool - Puig PL (FRA)

Muscle strength recovery - Konin J (USA)

Neuromuscolar recovery - Silvers HJ (USA)

Sport reconditioning on the field - Tencone F (ITA)


The requests of the common person: "...will I be able to continue playing tennis?"

Chairs: Quaglia F (ITA), Zorzi C (ITA)

The requests of the common person - Respizzi S (ITA)

The concept of condropenia - Mandelbaum B (USA)

Possible treatment strategies - Delcogliano A (ITA)


Chairs: Adravanti P (ITA), Denti M (ITA)

Knee osteoarthritis: che clinical history - Axe M (USA)

The osteoarthritis evolution: the role of menisci - Verdonk P (BEL)

The osteoarthritis evolution: growth factors - Kon E (ITA)

The osteoarthritis evolution: physical exercise - Ponteggia F (ITA)

The osteoarthritis evolution: the viscosupplementation - Frizziero L (ITA)

Treatment strategies for the arthritic knee in the amateur sportsmen

Chairs: Creta D (ITA), D'Anchise R (ITA)

Knee reconstuction: different options - Confalonieri N (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol - Servadei MA (ITA)

Patellofemoral replacements - Lelli A (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol - Salsi A (ITA)


Chairs: Cisari C (ITA), Zini R (ITA)

Knee artrhoplasty and sport - Melegati GL (ITA)

Medial and lateral unicondylar replacement - Catani F (ITA)

Rehabilitation: USA experience - Snyder-Mackler L (USA)

Rehabilitation: italian experience - Zanobbi M (ITA)

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