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Conference 2009

Orthopaedics and traumatology

Chairs: Buda R (Bologna, Italy), Chiozzi F (Roma, Italy)

Evaluation with magnetic resonance imaging of knee joint cartilage in patients with autologue condrocyte transplant - Collepardo A (Bologna, Italy)

Functional recovery on the gym and on the field after chondrocytes transplant in a sportsman - Sarli E (Cosenza, Italia)

Patellar fracture in a gymnastics athlete - De Caneva F (Barcelona, Spain)

Simultaneous arthroscopy and ultrasound for jumper's knee treatment - Til Perez Ll (Barcelona, Spain)

Il moto roto-traslatorio del ginocchio: studio sperimentale, analisi matematica, dispositivo ortopedico - Di Cosmo F (Trieste, Italy)



Chairs: Bianchedi D (Roma, Italy), Tzouroudis N (Athenes, Greece)

Long-term results of quality of life in patients with knee arthroplasty - Ekici G (Kirsehir, Turkish Republic)

The International Knee Society Rating System as a tool for assessment of the results of knee arthroplasty - Maffioletti S (Milano, Italy)

Pain and fatigue in patients with operated gonarthrosis: 6-month follow-up - Ekici G (Kirsehir, Ankara, Turkish Republic)

Community based physiotherapy program in chronic musculoskeletal disorders - González-Sánchez M (Málaga, Spain)

Gait analisys in osteoarthritis knee: preliminary data after hyaluronic acid injection - Smiderle C (Bassano del Grappa, Italy)

Patello-femoral pain sindrome: clinical and epidemiological data 2006-2008 - Comi S (Milano, Italy)

Different rehabilitation programs for individuals with early stage of chondromalacia patella - Gioftsidou A (Komotini, Greece)

Conventional Land-Based Exercise vs High Intensity Acquatic Exercise Program in chronic musculoskeletal disorders - González-Sánchez M (Málaga, Spain)



Chairs: Danelon F (Milano, Italy), Brotto E (Verona, Italy)

Preventive training for knee cartilage injuries: a suggestion of functional-specific exercises in tennis - Sacchi A (Milano, Italy)

Proprioceptive training, balance training and cartilage of the knee: from literature research to terminology and methodological definitions for injury prevention - Sannicandro I (Foggia, Italy)

Balance and injury prevention - Mariani M (Milano, Italy)

Can the technique of jump of the soccer player be modified through the balance training? - Sannicandro I (Foggia, Italy)

Proprioceptive exercises after knee cartilage surgery: new proposition in comparison to the classical on two feet support - Stracquadaneo GM (Ragusa, Italy)

Preventive effect of squat exercise performed with low loads and slow movements - Alberti G (Milano, Roma; Italy)

The prevention of knee affections in performance orienteering - Minoiu V (Craiova, Romania)

The first aid in the menisci sprains in martial arts: a way to prevent knee cartilage pathologies - Tohaneanu A (Craiova, Romania)

Prevention of menisci injuries due to knee ligaments instability diagnosis - Enescu-Bieru D (Craiova, Romania)


Case reports

Chairs: Lisitano GF (Messina, Italy), Zanobbi M (Rimini, Italy)

Functional recovery after ACL reconstruction and mesenchymal stem cells transplantation: a case report - Boldrini L (Milano, Italy)

Water therapy in an obese patient affected by severe bilateral osteoartrhitis of the knee - Frizziero A (Bologna, Italy)

Conservative treatment of a chondral lesion of the knee: case report - Brotto E (Verona, Italy)

Reconditioning strategy of an alpinist after surgery for II grade chondropaty - Bressan A (Mestre, Italy)

Accelerated recovery in a case of ACL reconstruction, medial and lateral selective meniscectomy and microperforations - Praticò S (Milano, Italy)

Return to sport of a Judo atlete with osteochondritis dissecans of the knee: case report - Piva M, (Torino, Italy)

Patello femoral pain syndrome: a case report - Danelon F (Milano, Italy)

Top level competitive sport activity and III grade patellofemoral chondropaty: case report - Bianchedi D (Roma, Italy)

Functional recovery of a professional soccer player affected by II grade patellofemoral chondropaty - Chiozzi F (Roma, Italy

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