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Conference 2009

Modalities and rehabilitation

Chairs: Buselli P (Milano, Italy), Miglio D (Brescia, Italy)

Rehabilitation using diathermy - Bernabei G (Ivrea, Italy)

Long-term effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy in the treatment of spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee: a 2 years follow-up - Vitali M (Milano, Italy)

Treatment of the dysfunction of the neuro muscles fascial system by non inonitation stimulation mecchanic-vibrating - Serrecchia S (Italy)

Osteoarthritis of the knee treated by intra-articular infiltration of oxygen-ozone and hyaluronic acid - Cardelli R (Imola, Italy)

Assessment of knee stability using neuromuscular measurement in soccer players - Rusu L (Craiova, Romania)

The use of the reflex massage and the exercises in the rehabilitation of the knee injury Tohaneanu AA (Craiova, Romania)

ElectroNeuroFeedback: nuovo strumento diagnostico e riabilitativo. Nostre esperienze in riabilitazione - Massetti P

Valutazione biomeccanica, strategia necessaria per quantificare i deficit motori nell'ottica di un ritorno all'attività sportiva/lavorativa Romano F


Experiences in autologous chondrocytes transplant

Chairs: Capua G (Roma, Italy), Mazzola C (Chiavari, Italy)

Comparison between clinical evaluation and imaging of knee cartilage damage - Russo A (Napoli, Italy)

Our experience in the treatment of cartilage damage with implant of autologous chondrocytes and chondrotissue - Somma E (Italy)

Doubts and reliable points on the autologous implant of the chondrocyte: our experience and remarks - Denittis G (Foggia, Italy)

Arthroscopic second look with biopsy four years after autologous chondrocytes implant Graziano G (Torino, Italy)

Evaluation of matrix autologous chondrocyte implantation for treatment of focal chondral defects of the knee: clinical and histological study-control - Zorzi C (Verona, Italy)

Implantation of autologous characterized chondrocytes in the patellofemoral joint Claes T (Leuven, Belgium)

Autologous chondrocyte implantation in the knee joint: arthrotomic vs. arthroscopic technique at long term follow-up Ferruzzi A (Bologna, Italy)


Ortopaedics and traumatology

Chairs: Cané P (Rimini, Italy), Sansone V (Milano, Italy)

Osteochondral allografts in the treatment of articular cartilage injuries of the knee - Iacono V (Negrar, Italy)

Microfractures for osteochondral lesions in patients treated with anterior cruciate ligamnet: case-control study - Osti L (Modena, Italy)

Tunnel enlargement after ACL reconstruction in patients with post-operative septic arthritis - Vadalà A (Roma, Italy)

Microfracturing & high tibial osteotmy for medial compartment osteoarthrosis - El-Shazly M (Worcestershire, UK)

Our experience in the meniscus allograft transplantation - Collarile M (Udine, Negrar; Italy)

Infiltrative treatment with autologous platelet rich plasma in early osteoarthritis Boldrini L (Milano, Italy)

Cartilage regeneration: the role of mesenchymal stem cells - Di Napoli G (Napoli, Italy)



Chairs: Gonzales Iturri JJ (Pamplona, Spain), Vassallo G (Genova, Italy)

How to exploit the active stability of the knee: the neuromuscular reactivation with the Neurac method - Chiti L (Firenze, Italy)

Rehabilitation after innovative surgical techniques of the knee - Luciani D (Bologna, Italy)

High intensity acquatic exercise program in chronic muscoloskeletal disorders - González-Sánchez M (Málaga, Spain)

A non operative treatment protocol in the patellofemoral dysplasia - Grosso E (Napoli, Italy)

Accelerated recovery in a case of osteotomy and autologous chondrocyte transplantation in a semiprofessional soccer player - Patroni P (Darfo BT, Italy)

Knee extension strength at one year after two cartilage repair procedures - Van Assche D (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

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