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Conference 2008

Return to sport: from surgery to rehabilitation

Chairs: Marchetti PG (ITA), Respizzi S (ITA)

Surgery and rehabilitation: two stages of the same path - Marcacci M (ITA)

Common goal: function recovery - Della Villa S (ITA)

Legal medicine considerations - Vasapollo D (ITA)


Back pain in athletes

Chairs: Capua G (ITA), Cervellati S (ITA)

The American algorithm - Gamburd R (USA)

Microsurgery on lumbar hernia - Fabrizi A (ITA)

Post-surgery rehabilitation - Puig PL (FRA)

Prevention of the Failed Back surgery syndrome - Monticone M (ITA)


Functional recovery of the ankle

Chairs: Giannini S (ITA), Ferretti A (ITA)

Achille’s Tendon surgery - Lelli A (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Nanni G (ITA)

Ankle surgery - Maffulli N (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Tencone F (ITA)


Fractures and sport

Chairs: Cisari C (ITA), Sansone V (ITA)

Surgery in lower limb fractures - Risi M (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Ponteggia F (ITA)

Pelvis Osteosynthesis - Vincenzi G (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Magistroni E (ITA)


LCA: allograft and autograft for athletes

Chairs: Adravanti P (ITA), Berruto M(ITA)

Autograft with single or double boundle - Delcogliano A (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Chiozzi F (ITA)

Allograft - Zorzi C (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Zanobbi M (ITA)


Knee and physical activity for people over 50

Chairs: Gobbi A, Rosa D

Cartilage surgery - Kon E (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Wondrash B (AUT)

Surgery and rehabilitation in meniscus transplantation - Cugat R (ESP)

Minimal invasive surgery for knee arthroplasty - Iacono F (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Servadei M (ITA)


Shoulder and sports

Chairs: Rotini R (ITA), Zaffagnini S (ITA)

Arthroscopic repair of unstable shoulder - Porcellini G (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Creta D (ITA)

Arthroscopic repair of rotatory cuff - Minola R (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Danelon F (ITA)


Hip and active life

Chairs: Catani F (ITA), Confalonieri N (ITA)

Arthroscopic surgery of the hip - Zini R (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Salsi A (ITA)

Hip prosthesis for active patient - Toni A (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols - Gatti R (ITA)

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