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Conference 2008


Chairs: Chiozzi F (ITA), Zunarelli PP (ITA)

Differential diagnosis: renal traumatology disguised as fatigue in a female athlete - Norberg J (Tempa, USA)

Anatomic ACL reconstruction double bundle - Hussein M (Novo Mesto, SLO)

ACL reconstruction in male and female athletes with patellar tendon and hamstring autografts: is there a difference? - Gobbi A (Milano, ITA)

Difference in deep knee flexion after ACL reconstruction using ST and STG autografts - Gobbi A (Milano, ITA)

ACL primary repair combined with bone marrow stimulation in acute partial tear: results in a group of athletes - Gobbi A (Milano, ITA)

The links between motor patterns in the infance and the appearence of back pain in sportsmen - Tohaneanu A (Craiova, ROM)

Surgical treatment of the peroneal tendons dislocation in young athletes: our experience - Bottiglia Amici-Grossi P (Milano, ITA)

The use of platelet growing factors in the treatment of cronic achilleus tendonitis - Diotti E (Vimercate, ITA)

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome in young athletes: our experience - Bottiglia Amici-Grossi P (Milano, ITA)



Chairs: Zanobbi M (ITA), Lisitano G (ITA)

Ankle surgery and functional recovery based on proprioception - Sarli E (Cosenza, ITA)

Pool exercise for foot muscles in patients in outweightbearing for lower limbs pathologies - Barale F (Milano, ITA)

Platelet derived growth factor in achilles tendinosis: new evidences in sportsmen rehabilitation - Borgonovo A (Giussano, ITA)

Importance and significance of psychological factors on recovery after injury: a survey on injured athletes - Berti Ceroni F (Bologna, ITA)

Rehabilitation and return to climbing after shoulder cuff and ligament reconstruction - Fasolini D (Milano, ITA)

The role of proprioceptive rehabiliation in the treatment of shoulder instability - Codeluppi D (Castelfranco Emilia, ITA)

Muscular compensation in patient with massive rotator cuff tear: a study with surface electromyography - Ciampi P (Milano ITA)

Maintaining a fit body during upper body trauma rehabilitation: a case report - Maffioletti S (Milano, ITA)

Active stabilization in water after surgery for discal hernia utilizing the core-stability methodology - Codeluppi D (Castelfranco Emilia, ITA)

Long term result after conservative treatment of an atlete affected by symptomatic lumbar discal hernia: case report - Moro D (Verona, ITA)

Recovery in a case of cervical mielopathy from discal hernia surgically treated with Bryan discal prosthesis - Villa G (Milano, ITA)

Survey effects of three different methods on the rehabilitation of low back pain - Ahanjan S (Kermanshah, IRAN)



Moderatori: Bianchedi D (ITA), Boldrini L (ITA)

Comparison between whole body vibration and static resistance training in postmenopausal women: long-term effects on quadriceps muscle volume and power - Longo S (Milano, ITA)

Study of cervical curvature in forward head posture (FHP) - Ahanjan S (Kermanshah, IRAN)

Trends in BMI for Olympic ice hockey players - Konin J (Tampa, USA)

Different range of motion and velocity of the knee with the Modular Variable Order proprioception boards  - Stracquadaneo GM (Ragusa, ITA)

Different balance training frequencies in improving proprioception ability in healthy soccer players - Gioftsidou A (Komotini, GRE)

Balance ability in young soccer players - Mariani M (Milano, ITA)

Variations in the capacity of vertical jump after sitting position - Alberti G (Milano, ITA)

Effects of two different aerobic intermittent training programs on maximal aerobic velocity of young football players - Sannicandro I (Foggia, ITA)

Effects of two different aerobic intermittent training programs on force and speed of young football players - Sannicandro I (Foggia, ITA)

Eccentric contraction with bio-feedback for the reconditioning of a female alpine skier after ACL reconstruction - Bressan A (Mestre, ITA)

Posturographic exhaminantion in patients after total hip replacement - Galimberti G (Rozzano, ITA)



Chairs: Danelon F (ITA), Lisitano G (ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol for hip resurfacing arthroplasty - Luciani D (Bologna, ITA)

Platelet derived growth factor in ACL recostruction: new evidences in sportsmen rehabilitation - Gifuni P (Giussano, ITA)

Project of new isotonic machine for rehabilitation after ACL / PCL surgery - Saulle N (Rimini, ITA)

Classification of knee rehabilitation exercises based on the rotatory-traslational end translational-rotatory theory - Pellis G (Trieste, ITA)

Accelerated recovery after post-traumatic patellar dislocation - Praticò S (Milano, ITA)

Accelerated recovery after fracture of the tibial plateau: case report - Cantoni S (Milano, ITA)

Rehabilitation protocol for postero-lateral complex reconstruction in a 26 year old sportsman: case report - Kepczynski A (Warsaw, POL)

The Sling Exercise Therapy system for rehabilitation - Chiti L (Milano, ITA)

The effect of prevention proprioception programs for knee and ankle injuries on the balance ability of tennis players - Malliou V (Athens, GRE)

Clinical study on a bromeline-based food supplement in post-trauma inflammation - Arensi F (Milano, ITA)

Return to sport after four ACL reconstructions - Vincentelli F (Bologna, ITA)

The convenient communication as an important mean for recovering athletes after injuries - Dragomir M (Craiova ROM)

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