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Conference 2008


Chairs: Buselli P(ITA), Miglio D (ITA)

Effects of diathermic treatment, resistive-capacitive, on the chronic degenerative pathology of tendons. Research made on sportsman - Mondardini P (Bologna, ita)

Long term follow-up of two continued series of young athletes after ACL reconstruction with hamstrings treated with electromagnetic waves (Tecar-therapy device) - Bottiglia Amici Grossi P (Milano, ITA)

Extracorporeal shockwave treatment of early spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee - Vitali M (Milano, ITA)

Physical therapy in calcific tendinitis of the shoulder after sonographically guided percutaneous needle lavage - Fusaro I (Bologna, ITA)

Role of the sensomotor system in prevention and rehabilitation: the Neurac Method - Chiti L (Milano, ITA)

Proposal of a new thermotherapic modality: the Smartherapy - Respizzi S (Milano, ITA)

The interactive neuroregolator Scenar: our rehabilitation experience after surgery and in sport traumatology - Massetti P (Ascoli Piceno, ITA)

EMG assessment during isometric muscular strengthening - Romano F (Losanna, SUI)



Chairs: Tzouroudis N (ITA), Gavioli C (ITA)

Functional rehabilitation of the knee after cartilage transplantation - Boldrini L (Milano, ITA)

The effects of the accelerated brace free rehabilitation on bone tunnel enlargement after ACL reconstruction. A CT study - Vadalà A (Roma, ITA)

Rehabilitation protocols for flat foot surgery - Luciani D (Bologna, ITA)

Balance between proprioceptive rehabilitation and passive kynesis therapy for the treatment of metabolic and post-surgery capsulitis - Codeluppi D (Castelfranco Emilia, ITA)

Total hip replacement in the physically active patient - Diotti E (Vimercate, ITA)

Rehabilitation program after tibial tubercle osteotomy - Kepczynski A (Warsaw, POL)

Use of the α-lipoic acid as neuroprotector against axonal degeneration induced by chemiotherapy - Melli G (Milano ITA)



Chairs: De Carli A (ITA), Tucciarone A (ITA)

Total hip arthroplasty in younger patient and sporting activity - Croce A (Milano, ITA)

Can ankle imbalance to be a risk factor for weakness of tensor fascia-lata muscle? - Zampagni ML (Trento, ITA)

Considerations about surgical treatment in the chronic tears of the extensor apparatus of the knee - Rosa D (Napoli, ITA)

A computerized analysis of femoral condyle radii in 37 ACL reconstructed and 37 contro-lateral intact knees using 3D CT reconstructions - Siebold R (Pforzheim, GER)

ACL injuries not diagnosed: the athlete's knee 30 years later - Bottiglia Amici-Grossi P (Milano, ITA)

Inter-rater reliability of a clinical scale to assess knee joint effusion - Axe MJ (Newark, USA)

Proximal hamstring strains of stretching-type in different sports - Askling C (Stockholm, SWE)

Acute and chronic treatment of ankle ligament injuries in sportsmen Cortese F (Verona, ITA)



Chairs: Gonzales Iturri JJ (ESP), Vassallo G(ITA)

Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction with synthetic ligament in a 70yrs old alpine skier - Patroni P (Brescia, ITA)

Treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus (OLT) in young active patients: Guidelines for surgical treatment and rehabilitation programme - Bevoni R (Bologna, ITA)

Rehabilitation algorithm after lumbar microdiscectomy: case report in a sprinter athlete - Vetro A (Palermo, ITA)

Knee brace reproducing the automatic rotation of the tibia - Di Cosmo F (Trieste, ITA)

Posterior sternoclavicular dislocation in field hockey player - Weniger J (Harrisonburg, USA)

Suggestion of an accelerated rehabilitation programme in patients after total hip replacement - Galimberti G (Rozzano, ITA)

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