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Locked shoulder

The adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder is an entity characterised by an a-specific inflammation of the joint capsule of the shoulder. It can be idiopathic or due to traumas of the articulation and surgeries, particularly if treated with a prolonged immobilisation. It is characterised by a progressive loss in the range of movement as the joint capsule loses flexibility. The injury affects more frequently women between 40 and 60 years old and patients with clinical signs of depression. Clinically, difficulties are especially met at the level of intra-rotation and extra-rotation.

You will be prescribed X-rays in standard projections to identify the presence of calcifications or further pathologies.

The process of recovery is usually quite slow and may require more than 2 years. It consists in activities in the gym, in the pool and at home as well that are finalised to the recovery of the range of motion.

Physical modalities and medicines can be of help.

If after 12 months of rehabilitation there are no successes, the mobilisation through anaesthesia or the arthroscopic artholysis can be suggested.

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