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Dislocated patella

The acute patellar dislocation is very common. Swelling appears immediately after the dislocation and the pain is very strong, especially prior to the reduction of the dislocation. During the acute phase is observed the protocol RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).
If the dislocation is not relapsing patient will have to wear a brace for 4/5 weeks that will prevent flexing and allow walking only with crutches. The first phase of the treatment is focused just on pain control and reduction of swelling through the use of physical therapy and massage therapy anti-edema drainage and recovery of the strength of the hip muscles, pelvis and ankle.

Removed the brace you can start the mobilization of the knee and quickly come to a complete knee flexion and patellar mobility.
Recovered the articulation you can move to the phase of strengthening the quadriceps, hip flexors and calf, insisting on the reinforcement of the medial part (if the dislocation is external), especially the muscles of the bridle, vastus medialis and adductor, first in open kinetic chain and subsequently closed.
If there is no problem you can go to the recovery of balance and proprioception through paths on unstable surfaces and to the recovery of the sport specific movements on the sports field. 

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