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Tibial plateau fracture

These injuries are also commonly seen in sports, especially skiing. 

Patients usually report pain, swelling and limited movement in the knee, similar to LCL lesions, although without the associated instability. 

Surgery is rarely required here, with a period of immobilisation followed by a sports rehabilitation programme being sufficient to treat the pain in the knee, allowing the patient to continue normal life.

Tibial plateau fracture rehabilitation

It is a rather frequent trauma and affects the knee in the area proximal to tibia. As for other types of fractures, the healing path depends on the nature of the fracture and the severity of trauma. In some cases it is sufficient a period of immobilization with guardians, other times it requires surgery for fracture reduction.

When the period of rest after immobilization is over, you can start the rehabilitation program in the pool aimed to joint mobilization by reducing the load applied on the joint. At the same time you can start rehabilitation in the gym that consists in muscle strengthening of the core muscles, hip flexors and adductors, abdominals and a mild activity of the quadriceps.

Once you have recovered the elasticity of the knee and reduced pain and swelling you can switch to the full recovery of strength with strengthening exercises of the quadriceps, hip flexors, calves, first in open kinetic chain and that closed.

If there were no painful episodes and inflammation you can switch to the dynamic phase with proprioceptive exercises and preparation for running. Once you have reached a good feature it is very useful to conclude the rehabilitation program with the last phase of the field in order to retrieve the daily and the sport specific gestures.

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