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Sprained knee

Sprains to the knee account for a large proportion of knee injuries, especially prevalent in players of football, basketball, skiing and volleyball, as well as those injured in traffic accidents, where twisted knees are common. 

Most people with this kind of sports injury suffer swelling of the knee and/or knee pain which our sports medicine doctors are experts in treating. 

If you have sprained your knee, try to apply ice to it as early as possible and please book a consultation with us to have it examined by a specialist.

Sprained knee rehabilitation

If you have suffered a knee sprain, you should immediately apply the RICE protocol:

  • Rest : Keep to "rest" the knee and immobilize
  • Ice : Apply ice for the articulation for no more than 20-30 minutes
  • Compression: Compress the knee with an elastic bandage
  • Elevation: Elevate the joint by putting in drain

This way you will stop the bleeding in charge of swelling and local pain. After a first phase of rest and ice, if there are no joint problems, the treatment of knee distortion, consists in muscle strengthening of the quadriceps, hip flexors and calf that can help to stabilize the joint; joined to a proprioceptive work and recovery of gestures in the field, in order to reduce the risk of further distortions and avoid relapses (prevention).

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