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Iliopsoas contracture

It is a very common disease among sportsmen and amateurs, and there is a match between pathological picture and functional manifestations.

The patient complains of a pain in the iliac region, which exacerbates in some movements and does not produce prolonged functional impairment, but greatly reduces the sport. Sometimes the patient reports one joint pop in the groin (SNAP) due to ipoextension of the psoas and then excessive traction on the tendon and a reduction of hip mobility.

The first phase of the treatment protocol is focused on solving the muscular contraction through the massage therapy: iliopsoas myofascial massage, relaxing massage of the lumbar paraspinal loins square, the small and medium gluteal and piriformis reflexology massage that often occurs contract (muscle who works in contrast to the psoas in the movements of the pelvis). At this stage it is important the global postural and pelvis correction through exercises of rebalancing (postures retroversion) and cancellation of the antiverso attitude due to the retraction of the psoas and stretching exercises of the psoas itself, quadriceps, hip flexors of the knee and piriformis to retrieve extensibility.

Solved muscle contracture you can start the next step of the protocol with the aim of rebalancing the muscles: you should perform exercises for reinforcement, especially eccentric, iliopsoas (manual and ballast), quadriceps, buttocks and muscles of cores with free-body exercises, and with the use of destabilizing tools and at the same time will begin the aerobic activity for the metabolic recovery.

Achieved a good compliance between strength and extensibility the rehabilitation protocol ends with the last stage of recovery of the athletic gesture on the sports field, with exercises that involve the hip both from the joint point of view as well as a muscle tendon (hyperextensions of the hip, stage of preparation for kicking the ball). Gradually will then be performed proprioceptive exercises for global development and specific exercises for the core of the sport gesture.

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