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Acetabular labral tear

The lesions of the acetabular labral commonly occur as a result of a femoral impingement (FAI).  For the majority of cases the treatment is of arthroscopic surgical indication.

Rehabilitation, especially for athletes, can be complex and requires a thorough examination and a systematic approach to ensure the return to activity. The therapeutic protocol includes a first phase of pain control, inflammation, and recovery of joint mobility, paying attention to protect the repaired tissue. At this stage we will use physical therapies (laser, TENS, ultrasound), massage therapy draining and selective stretching exercises for the muscles that underlie hip movements, such as the muscles of the buttock fan, lumbar paravertebral, iliopsoas, knee flexors and quadriceps with the objective of recovering the joint ROM, restore the correct gait and improve neuromuscular control.

Once retrieved the correct gait pattern (without pain) you can start the second phase of the therapeutic program that aims to recover endurance and muscular strength to improve the distribution of loading forces on the hip. Progressive exercises will be performed first in natural load then with the use of weights and isotonic machines for the increase of the quadriceps strength, flexor, iliopsoas (mainly in eccentric), the buttocks, flexors, adductor (in an eccentric even manual) and the core muscles that allow you to stabilize the pelvis and improve the capacity and motion control.

Parallel to the recovery of strength is essential to do aerobic activity permitted in order to improve cardiovascular endurance and optimize neuromuscular control through exercises on unstable surfaces for balance and proprioception.

Recovered objectively the strength and after running on the treadmill and roullant bouncer without pain it is possible to start the final phase of the treatment protocol on the field with the aim of improving the dynamic muscle control and retrieve the sport specific movement. Will be carried out exercises such as running and cornering, leaps, jumps, specific exercises to improve the cushioning of loads and change of direction, to return gradually and safely to practiced sport activities and competition.

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