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Sprained ankle

The distortion of the ankle, in most cases occurs in patients who practice sports activity, but can also occur in daily life. Frequently the trauma is in reverse, but can also present in eversion.

In most cases the patient after the trauma has already been to the emergency room and therefore is already in possession of an RX to exclude fractures and has a taping or guardian to immobilize the articulation.  is presented in our center already the day after the trauma for a visit and an ultrasound to determine the degree of distortion (depending on the number of ligament injuries). Only with an accurate diagnosis can determine the appropriate treatment program.

The first goal of the rehabilitation protocol is the reduction of swelling and pain through the use of ultrasound, lasers and drainage massage and ice. At this stage it is important to apply the RICE protocol, an acronym that defines the procedures to follow: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (limb unloading).

Once the swelling is reduced you should recover full joint movement of the ankle through soft pompage, active and passive mobilization, specific stretching of the leg muscles and massage of the muscles of the foot in order to retrieve the correct walking.

At the same time you can begin the most important part of the treatment protocol, that is the recovery of strength and proprioception, through toning exercises of the muscles underlying the ankle, as the calf, the tibialis anterior and posterior, peroneus, intrinsic foot, plantar muscles.

At this stage it is also important to do the strengthening of the core muscles and the gluteus medius (important to laterally stabilize the limb).

Then you can proceed to more complex exercises as proprioceptive tablets, trails, jumps on the trampoline, the heels-toes gaits on board inside/outside.

The last phase of the treatment program involves the re-education on the sports field with sport specific gait patterns, cornering running, trails, jumps and specific fundamentals and a re-injury prevention program.

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