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Carpal tunnel syndrome

It is a canalicular syndrome caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist. The patient, depending on the degree of compression, presents different symptoms (irritation, compression, deficits, paresis or paralysis) that tend to vary by changing the position of the arm. Depending on the cause of the compression, the indicated solution can be surgical or conservative; in both cases, the rehabilitation treatment has common characteristics, obviously the recovery time varies.

The first phase of the rehabilitation protocol is aimed at reducing inflammation, through the use of physical therapies (laser, tens, ice) and draining massage therapy of forearm and hand and recovery of the joint function, especially the thumb through tensile physiotherapy of the wrist, stretching of the capsular structures and active and passive mobilization of the wrist and hand.

After reaching the full range of motion and movement without pain/paresthesia you can start the second phase of rehabilitation, the recovery of the strength and fine coordination with strengthening exercises for the muscles of the thenar eminence, the lumbrical and flexed/extensor carpi (especially in eccentric, even manual) with rubber bands, balls, nets. The goal is to improve the neuromotor control by recovering and training the opposition movements of the thumb and the gripping mechanism.

The rehabilitation program ends with the last phase, the recovery of technical movements in the field with growing difficulty exercises to safely recover the gestures and the complex movements of the hand, arm, forearm in dynamic situations.

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