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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound waves are acoustic vibrations of varying intensity with a frequency above 16,000 Hz, inaudible to the human ear.

Ultrasound therapy can be applied in two ways, with either fixed or portable devices:

- Firstly a layer of electro-conductive gel can be applied between the skin and the scanning device

- The second method is used when the area afflicted area is too small or irregular, or the area is too sensitive to allow direct contact. Using this method, the area needing treatment is submerged in water before the ultrasound scanner is passed over the area at a distance of around 2-3 cm. This way the ultrasonic beam is not disrupted, maintaining therapeutic efficacy without causing the patient any discomfort.

The positive effects of ultrasound therapy are numerous: cell metabolism is increased, as is blood flow, capillary permeability, pain threshold and the extensibility and elasticity of fibrous tissues. These effects all help to speed up the healing process and allow patients to train more effectively. 

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