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Laser Therapy

There are many different types of laser in existence, we use two different types in our centres: laser scanners and high-power lasers.

The laser scanner is most commonly used when the injured area is large, for example in the case of lower back pain or chronic neck pain, sprained ankles or posterior/anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions.

High-powered lasers on the other hand, are used to warm afflicted areas in circular motions. After this, the laser’s power is increased to deliver more focused power on specific locations. The intensity of this focused power is evident as patients feel a tightness in the targetted area after around ten seconds.

The use of the laser has several effects:

- Increased blood flow in the microvascular structure, causing an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing edema and stimulating the cells’ metabolism

- Intra-capillary hydrostatic pressure is altered allowing for more reabsorbtion of interstitial fluid, increasing the pain threshold and boosting electrolytic cell metabolism

- Fibroplast proliferation is stimulated, helping to smooth scar tissue 

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