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Myofascial Massage

Myofascial massage is used both for preventative purposes and for the treatment of muscle stiffness. This technique works on the fascia (tough connective tissues that cover and connect muscles) using traction and compression on afflicted areas.

This is a slow, rhythmic massage, localised to the affected area dependent on the physiotherapist’s skill in manipulating the layers beneath the skin, hooking affected tissues and moving them around. Typically, this treatment will last from 30 second to several minutes.

The main disorders treated with Myofascial massage are hyperextension of muscles, scarring (fibrosis and interfascial adhesions) or in the presence of limited joint mobility.

Myofascial massage can increase blood supply to muscles, improve venous and lymphatic tissues’ ability to slide back and forth as well as reducing perceived pain and stiffness. 

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