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Manual therapies

This type of massage has different applications:

- Preventative action: A massage before exercise can help to maintain blood circulation and stimulate contractile units of the muscles, getting them ready to work and reducing the risk of injury.

- Curative action for muscle injuries: In the case of an acute muscle injury, massage should be avoided as it may cause further injury. After the lesion has healed, massaging the injured area can be very effective as it causes reflex contractions of the muscles around the scarred area.

- Curative action for muscle fatigue: Muscle fatigue following prolonged or excessive exercise can often cause feelings of heaviness or even pain. This situation is often caused by a reduction in glycogen stored in muscle tissues leading to an energy deficit. In this situation, the muscle is no longer capable of producing sufficient energy (ATP) for full contractions and can seize up. By massaging the muscles, the muscles become more relaxed and oxygen supply is improved, increasing the amount of energy available.

The benefits of massage are felt rapidly, offsetting any initial discomfort felt during the treatment. 

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