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Joint Mobilisation

The primary role of joint mobilisation is to restore normal mobility and facilitate proper biomechanics of the structures involved, through a neurophysiological and biomechanical reaction.

The neurophysiological effect comes from the stimulation of mechanoreceptors and the inhibition of nociceptors, thus reducing the intensity of the patient’s pain. The biomechanical effect comes as a result of tension in the periarticular tissues and is hoped to prevent complications that would arise due to trauma or immobility.

It is very important to use the correct technique when performing this treatment, the rehabilitator must be in the correct position, using the appropriate hand movements based upon the area in question, directing pressure towards the periarticular tissues.

In order to restore normal joint kinematics and mechanics, joint mobilisation treatments should be started as soon as possible following an injury, using the correct technique based upon the specific injury.

It is essential to give the muscles a break during these kinds of treatments, using softer, more relaxing massage to ease joint tension. These kinds of breaks are crucial for achieving good results, both from a clinical and psychological point of view.

These exercises should be performed according to the planned functional movements the patient will make, emphasising limited directional movements as well as compound movements, based on the joint recovery desired.

In these treatments, therapists can use passive or active assisted mobilisation when needed. 

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