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Capsular Stretching

This technique allows for the elongation of capsular joints across all planes. It is especially useful when dealing with articulations that have been used very little and have lost their elasticity, beginning to harden.

Stretching the capsular joints stimulates the synovial glands to produce a liquid lubricant which facilitates the sliding movements of the articular joints.

Capsular joints are prone to calcification with age, causing pain and difficulty of movement. This kind of treatment can slow the aging of the joints, in turn slowing this physiological process.

Capsular stretching exercises can help to reduce intra-articular pressure and facilitate separation of the articular surfaces.

These treatments are often used to treat disorders that cause shoulder pain, especially those affecting the posterior portion of the capsular joint.

Typically, the rehabilitator will help the patient to stretch at first before the patient later learns to stretch unassisted. 

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