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Rehabilitation facilities

Your recovery will take place in four distinct places:

The indoor pool offers hyrdo and aquatic therapy, where the buoyancy of warm water helps support body weight, taking pressure off joints and relaxing muscles.

The gym can be introduced when you have reduced pain and inflammation. Specialists will guide you down the Isokinetic path, so you can regain strength, endurance and co-ordination.

The Green Room, is where you will practice neuromotor exercises, gaining awareness about your way of moving, correcting bad movement habits and ultimately preventing the possibility of re-injury.

The field, is where you will relearn to move freely, in an environment that is protected and under our supervision. You will increase the load and intensity of your workouts, begin to make the specific movements of your sport and regain the joy of feeling pain-free.

And our front line staff will assist you with administration issues including working with your insurance provider to maximise the benefit of your policy.   You’ll always find someone at Isokinetic to smoothe the recovery journey.

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