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Improving health and performance in esports: strategies for physical and mental fitness


Are professional videogames players “just” gamers?

Esport players face very high motor and cognitive demands during training and competitions.

According to a study from the German Sports University Cologne, they can complete up to 400 action moves per minute on the keyboard and the mouse, four times as much as the average person, with remarkably rapid eye movements.

They must be able to manage and solve very complex situations in a short time span, with high demands on their minds and hormone stress levels about as high as that of traditional motorsport drivers.

Focus, rapid eye – hand coordination, short reaction time: the body and mind of these players should be prepared and trained like athletes to be able to handle this load.

These high demands can be met through a tailored and appropriate training. In order to improve performances, to avoid injuries, and to extend his or her career, a gamer should be physically and mentally fit.

Therefore, to perform and compete at the highest levels, players have to build superior motor skills and advanced cognitive processing capabilities.

ESport players will truly benefit from a health and performance management team, with the guidance of a physician as the health reference point, and the strict collaboration between all the other figures involved in the care of the athlete: coach, team manager, rehabilitation specialist, athletic trainer, psychologist, nutritionist.

The eSport health and performance centre is the setting of care that offers the right balance between health management, injury rehabilitation and gaming performance enhancement.

Targeted tests, physical and mental health assessments, health screening and clinical evaluations with a physician who is familiar with the specific needs of the eSport player: this will create a strong and fruitful bond between the athlete, the coach and the health team, in order to reach the best possible training outcome.

These are the keys to define, measure, improve and control the health and performance status of esport athletes. 

Marco Gastaldo, MD

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Physician

Isokinetic Medical Group – Isokinetic Torino


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