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The "Green Room" in Isokinetic London


The "Green Room" in Isokinetic London
In Isokinetic London in 11 Harley Street we have a special room, unique in Europe: the Green Room.

It is a room paved with turf to make you feel like you are on a real pitch.
The Green Room is equipped with advanced technological tools including a movement lighting system, Wii, and 2 HD screens connected to cameras.

Underpinning this infrastructure is custom software able to help us study your movement patterns, and to understand more the causes and the potential risks of injury associated with the biomechanics of your lower limbs.

In the Green Room you will be asked to perform certain exercises and tests. We will objectively measure the way you move, analyse the forces and pressures which you submit your limbs and joints, and review muscle activation patterns and muscle performance.

There are return to sport evaluations for those who have completed rehabilitation following injury or surgery and are striving to return to previous activity levels as quickly and safely as possible.

Additionally we undertake performance evaluation aimed at improving physical performance and preventing injury.

Discover also all the other new facilities in Isokinetic thanks The Patient Handbook.

This book was conceived as an important instrument to help you get acquainted with our services, facilities and our values.
We looked to bring together doctors, physiotherapists and other specialists in a way that enabled them to all unite around a common goal; that of finding the best possible solution for their patient in a way that worked best for that particular individual, from not only a clinical perspective but also a psychological and logistical one.
We don’t just treat a knee, but the patient that is suffering from knee pain and that is where our point of difference lies.
From this a personalised rehabilitation programme is constructed, based not only on the affliction a patient is suffering from, but how much time and energy that patient can dedicate.
Clients know that we will take care of them from every angle.

Download your Patient Handbook:

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Our goal has always been the complete recovery of our patients. Watch some of their testimonials to learn about the jouneys patients have taken with us.

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