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Isokinetic method

Isokinetic offers every patient a recovery plan that is unique to him or her. For example, we do not just treat a knee, but the patient who is suffering from knee pain.

Based upon this principle, your Isokinetic doctor will tailor your rehabilitation programme using the intelligence gathered from treating more than 10,000 patients per year. He or she will consider your specific physical, biomechanical and psychological characteristics, your goals, your personal ‘reactivity’ to rehabilitation sessions and how much time you can dedicate.

We will bring together doctors, physiotherapists and other specialists to assess and treat your case, with the objective of restoring your performance to the same as before your injury and if possible exceeding that.

It will require determination, but together we will achieve a real and lasting state of health.

Your personalised path to recovery is split down into five phases, as follows:

1.) Pain control

2.) Recovery of joint mobility

3.) Recovery of strength

4.) Recovery of co-ordination

5.) Recovery of specific movements of your sport

Finally, we focus on the prevention of re-injury. With the help of the latest technology and neuromotor exercises, we can correct movements that could lead to injuries recurring.

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