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PREVENT INJURIES: Injury Prevention Programme FIFA 11+

Focus on:

Core stability

Eccentric hamstring strength

Balance & Proprioception

Neuro-muscular control


Organized in 20 minutes warm up and 15 exercises in 3 parts                          

Part 1 
6 running exercises at slow speed and active stretching (8 minutes)
Part 2
6 exercises of strength, plyometrics and balance (10 minutes)
Part 3
3 exercises at high speed and plant & cut movements (2 minutes)

11+ is really effective

A scientific article published by the British Medical Journal has shown that after applying the FIFA 11+ Prevention Programme there was a decrease of 37% in injuries during training sessions and 29% in injuries during matches.

11+ needs your help to be fully implemented!

Coach and players compliance with the programme is a key to successful injury prevention.

Discover more about the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Programme: WATCH THE VIDEO 

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