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The history of Isokinetic began in 1986 when Dr. Stefano Della Villa, a young student of physiatrics, learned of a new method of strength evaluation called isokinetics. The idea of using the latest, cutting-edge technology to improve fitness inspired Dr Della Villa, who then went on to complete an internship in the USA where he met the likes of Prof. Michael Dillingham, the director of Stanford University’s Sports Medicine programme, and Richard A. Eaglestone, an expert rehabilitation therapist. Inspired by this new high-tech approach and fuelled by the knowledge he had gained from these experts, the young physician - accompanied by his friend Dr Gianni Nanni - opened the first Isokinetic centre in Bologna in 1987.

The clinic’s opening was met with great enthusiasm and quickly built up a large and varied base of clients. This warm reception encouraged Dr Della Villa to expand the company’s profile by moving Isokinetic into the scientific community. Between 1992 and 1995, the Isokinetic Medical Group had organised more than twenty scientific conventions all over Italy. The following year, a single annual congress was established which has been running ever since, making its international debut in London in 2012.

Over the years, Isokinetic continued their success story, opening centres all accross Italy. To learn more about our history, click a year in the list below, or watch the video

  • 1987

    Opened Isokinetic Bologna

    1 2 3
    When a student, Dr. Stefano Della Villa completed an internship in the USA, where he met professor Michael Dillingham, director of Sports Medicine at Stanford University and the rehabilitation coach Richard Eagleston. At the end of this experience, in 1987, Stefano Della Villa set up the first Isokinetic centre in Bologna, at the consulting room Salus, together with Dr. Gianni Nanni.
  • 1990

    Moved location next to Bologna FC

    1 2 3
    Isokinetic moved closer to Bologna FC’s training ground in order to expand and stay closer to our patients.
  • 1992

    Organised the first international Isokinetic conference

    1 2
    Our first conference was a small affair compared to recent years. Despite its small size, the conference was very well received and helped people understand Isokinetic’s dedication to the advancement of Sports Medicine
  • 1997

    Isokinetic begin to treat professional athletes

    1 2 3
    In 1997, Isokinetic began to treat more and more professional athletes. Among the most enthusiastic of them all were Roberto Baggio, Alberto Tomba and Beppe Signori.
  • 1999

    Created and launched our first website;

    Our first foray into the web, whilst it may look outdated now, at the time this was revolutionary, offering visitors a watered-down version of the 'Patient Guide' you can access today.
  • Awarded the ISO 9001 Certification

    Isokinetic were awarded ISO 9001 certification, a testament to our professionalism and care given to our work.
  • 2000

    Founded the Isokinetic Education and Research Department

    This part of our organisation has been essential over the years in informing our medical decisions and making sure patients are receiving the most up-to-date treatment available.
  • 2001

    Opened an Isokinetic Centre in Cortina

    1 2 3
    Isokinetic fought to finish the renovation of the Hotel Cristallo so we could open a centre within their facilities. This was the first centre opened outside of Bologna, makring the start of our rehabilitation network.
  • Opened Isokinetic centres in Milan and Cortina

    Isokinetic expand our network to treat more patients in cities further afield.
  • 2002

    Created the site

    1 2
    A revolutionary site which allowed anyone who wanted more information on sports injuries to read, in detail, about the causes, symptoms and treatments for a range of different injuries, similar to our Patient Guide.
  • 2003

    Opened the Isokinetic centre in Turin

    1 2
    Further growth of the company allows us to open another centre.
  • 2004

    Expanded the centre in Bologna

    Our headquarters and flagship centre was expanded to cover more than 2,000m2, encompassing three gyms, a pool and field, as well as an extensive range of diagnostic equipment including an MRI scanner.
  • Opened the Isokinetic centre in Verona

    Opening a centre in Verona allowed us to reach even more patients across Italy.
  • 2005

    Opened the Isokinetic centre in Rome

    Opening a centre in Italy’s capital, gained us further attention internationally and allowed us to help even more people throughout Italy.
  • 2006

    Hosted a conference during the Winter Olympics in Turin

    1 2
    One of our bigger conferences, this event drew in many Sports Medicine professionals who had been working with Olympic teams.
  • 2007

    The Isokinetic Medical Group celebrate 20 years in Bologna

    A big anniversary for us, accompanied by a big party!
  • 2008

    Opened the Isokinetic centre in Rimini

    Another new centre opens in the East of Italy, by the sea.
  • 2009

    Isokinetic became a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

    Receiving this award was a big boost for Isokinetic. This highlighted our expertise, proving that our quality of care is amongst the best in the world.
  • 2010

    Published the Patient Guide

    A handbook given to all patients coming into Isokinetic which, similar to our TraumiSportivi site, helps to explain the path each patient will take on their way to 100% recovery.
  • 2011

    Officially inaugurated as the eleventh FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

    The official inauguration ceremony cemented the Isokinetic name alongside other top Sports Medicine practitioners around the world, highlighting us as an international benchmark for quality of care.
  • 2012

    Hosted our first conference abroad, in London

    1 2
    A big step for Isokinetic, running our first conference overseas, and hosting over 1,200 delegates from more than 60 different countries greatly improved our international reputation.
  • Isokinetic Milan moves: a new center in Navigli

    1 2

    Very exciting moment for the team in Milan: in record time and with the help of all, it is in fact succeeded in transferring Isokinetic Navigli in a new home.
    Thanks to the efforts, professionalism and passion of all, was created a structure that will make it possible to achieve excellence on the patient, especially with an important added value: the swimming pool.

  • Isokinetic opens in London

    1 2 3

    After 25 years of history in Italy, is crowned the dream of all Isokinetic Medical Group: open in the heart of London a twin-center to the Italian one, point of reference for Italian and football players.
    Isokinetic London is located very close to the City and is composed of a team of high quality, including: the medical director Bryan English (former doctor of Chelsea and currently president of the Society of physicians in the Premier League ), the doctor of the English national football team Ian Beasley and the supervisor of the Italian team of therapists, Marco Zanobbi.

  • 2013

    Football match-show in Milan

  • 2014

    Isokinetic London moved to 11 Harley Street

    1 2 3
    A big day for Isokinetic London: the opening in the famous Harley Street!
  • 2016

    Green Room in Isokinetic Bologna

  • 2017

    Isokinetic Medical Group celebrates 30 Years of activity

    30 of June Isokinetic Medical Group celebrates its first 30 years of activity by giving a "30 Years White Party" in every Isokinetic center.

La storia dei Centri Isokinetic inizia nella seconda metà del 1986, quando il Dottor Stefano Della Villa, giovane medico specializzando in fisiatria agli Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli di Bologna, veniva a conoscenza di una nuova metodica di valutazione e allenamento della forza muscolare chiamata isocinetica.

Mosso da un vivo interesse per le novità, decideva di andare negli Stati Uniti presso una delle aziende produttrici ed effettuare un periodo di training sull’uso di tali apparecchiature. Durante tale stage, aveva l’opportunità di conoscere e frequentare il professor Michael Dillingham, Direttore della Medicina dello Sport della Stanford University e medico sociale della squadra di football americano dei San Francisco 49ers, e il suo terapista di fiducia, Rick Eagleston.

La conoscenza della nuova metodica e della sua applicazione pratica consentiva quindi di rientrare in Italia con un grande patrimonio culturale che gli permetteva di aprire, insieme al collega Gianni Nanni, la prima piccola sede del Centro Isokinetic di Bologna nell’agosto del 1987.

Guarda il video della nostra "Storia" per conoscerci meglio.

Per saperne di più, scorri la timeline che trovi a seguire e clicca sull’anno che ti interessa:

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